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Originally posted by pulicords:

The advantage of owning/carrying a "P" series SAO Sig, comes from the fact that you can retract the slide with the safety engaged, something that the original 1911 type pistols are not designed to do. This provides for the safest means of either checking the chamber or (after removing the magazine) ejecting a live round from the pistol's chamber.

Indeed! That is what I like about my HK pistols as well.
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Always carried my 1911 Condition 1.

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I think one can add another component to this discussion, though it’s not popular on a gun forum.

That component is the ‘probability’ and the location of the carrier. Before you take away my man card with such talk, I just met another a week ago that carries a striker fired gun with an empty chamber.

Yes, when needed, an H&K, LEM is my choice. No matter how one gets there, safe carry tops the list. Of course in a higher probability setup, one can’t be fiddling with the action when it’s time to shoot.

The common refrain is always, ‘get training’, but not everyone will be at the same level. If a fellow ‘low probability’ carrier wants to carry less than ‘locked & cocked’ I don’t have a problem with it. I do tell them to just not mention it.

My man card will now go in my safe for a few days.
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Condition 1. I might even carry my CZ 75 in the same condition. SA, cocked and locked.

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Condition 1 carry for me with my Colt Combat Commander! This pistol has been carried for many years and is still a constant companion.

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I EDC a Ruger SR1911 commander sized pistol cocked and locked like it was designed to be carried.

When I was in the CG we had to carry the M1911 with a mag inserted and no round in the chamber. We went to the M9 in ‘90 and carried them with it loaded and on safe-having to rotate the safety up/off when drawing.

When I was a cop we weren’t allowed to use single action guns by policy. I once asked at the range day, what about the SAO P226 I was told to STFU.

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When I carry a 1911, it’s in cond 1 in a holster with a leather strap that fits over the back of the slide covering the firing pin and protecting it should the holster rub or move the safety to “off” and the hammer falling.(Never happened) The strap is held in place by a snap on the wearer side. It makes for a fast draw by swiping the thumb slightly to the left to unsnap with thumb in place to swipe safety off.
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