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Originally posted by jdshank:
How's the angle of the grip compared to the Glock 19?
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Originally posted by iron chef:
For those who like aftermarket Glock parts, the Dagger costs less than a Polymer 80 kit and bare slide.

For those who want to use a pistol as-is, the Dagger's value begins to suffer a little when you consider that it only comes w/ one Magpul GL9 mag.

That, and it's no longer half the price of the Glock. Current market seems to have upped the price last time I saw one available from PSA. As I understand it, it was to be a half priced Glock w/ a better grip (but worse trigger).
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If there is a better made mass produced handgun than the Glock 19, then it costs more than the Glock, not less.

And I’m not sure a better “jack of all trades” gun exists at any price point.

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Out of curiosity because it won’t go away, I opened this thread for the first time (IIRC) to see what it was about. It’s always interesting to see how a tiny market share product that hardly anyone seems to like gets so much attention. Or is this pistol in every gun store and being snapped up by people at every opportunity all over the country? What’s the attraction? Because of the price and it’s a sort-of Glock clone?

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It's cheap, it works and it's produced by a company whose corporate philosophy is to put so many legally-owned guns out among the American population that eliminating private gun ownership becomes less and less realistic over time.

It's the same thing with PSA's AR15s. There may well be better ones out there (in fact, I think there are several), but the idea is to "spread the love".

Which kind of raises a point I find interesting - for all the stuff people say (and are often justified in saying) about PSA's AR15s, people out there are snapping them up. There's some advantage in the Dagger's being a sort-of Glock clone, but the advantage is that it uses widely available parts, magazines and ammunition. I don't think the Dagger was ever actually meant to be a competitor with Glock so much as a design that piggybacks on Glock's popularity. For the intended purpose I don't think that's a bad thing.
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