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Mine is a Sig P229 Duo-Tone 357 Sig.

Donald Robinson
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Fire begets Fire
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SIG P226

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with Integrity
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P229 SSE
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Originally posted by techguy:
Originally posted by jljones:
SIG P226

I would have bet money that your gun would have been striker fired.

You may be right. Frankly, I can shoot the 226 really well. But right now, I’m shooting the 320 RMR at an extremely high level. I’ve shot almost 5k in a couple of months. I just completed day 1 of a Sage Dynamics Defensive RDS Course and I’m seeing an even larger performance boost.

It’s flat, fast and tight.

As much as I’d like to think it’s still the 226, I think you are probably right that it is something striker with an RMR on top. Glock, M&P, or 320.

"It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it works out for them"

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The Ice Cream Man
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Who Woulda
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G19 then G26.
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Diablo Blanco
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MK25 P226 9mm or Ed Brown 5” 1911 45acp.

I would also say I’m shooting the P320 really well both with the AXG and the Wilson frame modules in carry size.

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Dunno. I used to say 'Glock' as a general rule but I'm no longer sure of that. I've quickly become a damn trigger snob thanks in part to my earlier CZ 75 Shadow T-SA, P226 X-Fives and P210s, but it was the Alien that really has changed my lust for trigger greatness and upset that balance between all the rest of the traits, characteristics and qualities that makes any particular pistol "the champ" and even "the go-to". Certainly in my mind when it comes to triggers, that's a place that no Glock, despite any and all aftermarket efforts, will likely ever get to.

It also didn't help that during the lead-up to WA State magazine limit implementation I picked up multiple pistols with exquisite triggers. The trigger on the Wilson EDC X9 alone is truly something to behold, yet I didn't come close to stopping there...oh well.

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My Dan Wesson valor 9mm case color hardened. When not shooting it, it is my display gun.
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HK's P30 does everything I need. Yes the trigger isn't the best, but I shoot it well and it goes bang every time.
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The handgun I have ready to use is a Glock 21 SF RTF2.

My favorite handgun, toss up between BHP and Colt SAA.

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It's a true tire between the P226/228 and the HK VP9
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Phased Plasma Rifle in the 40 Watt Range
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