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Completed my TS2 suitcase. Everything needed is there. 152 rds at your disposal once all loaded. Cool

* 5x factory 20-rounders
* 2x factory 26-rounders
* Mag bases (blue ones are Armory Craft)
* Mag loader
* CLP & cleaning tools & patches
* Tools
* Flat/thin aluminum grips
* Palm Swell G10 LOK grips


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Nice enough to make me enviousSmile


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The Racing Green model just hit US shores. I’ll have one shortly.
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Still a sweet gun! I’m waiting for the .40 version.

On my well used TSO, I wanted a heavier trigger. I started with an Apex Tactical hammer and sear kit, then I upgraded to a Cajun Gun Works flat SAO trigger for the Shadow 2. With that, I installed a standard TSO trigger return spring and a CGW reduced power trigger return spring for the Shadow 2. That gets the trigger to around 4lbs with a much better reset. Helpful for winter matches, where trigger freeze has a new meaning.

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Handsome pistol. CZ certainly has come a long way.
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I considered buying one of the TS2s since I can get those into inventory pretty easily these days, but then I mucked that idea up by buying the Alien...which reminds me...I was supposed to post my shooting impressions about that one. Oops.

Back to the CZ: I'd been looking at the green grip version with the gas pedal and supposedly various other internal tweaks, but it seems that CZ doesn't have much left in-country right now, at least at distributors. I think our competitors over at West Coast Armory might've had one, but they also aren't shy on (over)charging a premium on their wares, to cater to/take advantage of their more 'elite' clientele.

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Q, Any thoughts on swapping out the mag release for one that isn't checkered and with a more rounded profile? I recall it was digging into your shooting hand and wondered if you rectified that.

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I bought the TS Racing Green last week .
The trigger pull comes factory set at 1 pound, 8oz.
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Black Scorpion Gear offers holsters for the TS2.

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