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I currently purchased a new P220R Nitron, and next week, I will be purchasing a pristine P220 Equinox off of a member on my local forum. Is there a thread somewhere with info on the equinox models? I’m not finding a whole lot. What years were they produced? What changes were made during production etc.? I know for example that they stopped milling the top of the slide at one point in later production guns.

Also, I plan to purchase SRT kits for both, but I noticed that Sig doesn't seem to offer a kit with the nickel plated decocker. I also noticed that the one from Gray Guns doesn’t come with a decocker. I called GG and was informed their kit doesn’t require the replacement decocker lever. Can someone confirm this? It would be great if I don’t end up having to try to hunt down nickel decocker or having to have one plated.

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The decocker does not have to be changed with the SRT kit install. Unfortunately, I do not know the answer to your production questions, I’m sure someone will pop in with the answers though. Enjoy your new pistol.

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