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DA/SA because I like to keep my thumb on the hammer when I reholster the firearm. This way I can feel if anything is hung up and tying to activate the trigger.

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I like strikers because there's less shit to poke me.
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I don't have strong feelings. I even like revolvers, but that is more because a light J-frame is easy to carry than because I like the action of a revlover.

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I grew up carrying a 1911. Now I carry a hammer gun but USUALLY a 220 SAS because I like DA/SA and seem to shoot single stacks better than double stacks. Just a personal thing.
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my daily carry now is a Seecamp, so DAO,

when the weather changes and I wear more clothes than shorts and a shirt, I will go back to a J frame Centennial, or keep carrying the Seecamp,

when I feel the need for more, it's a 1911 , or a 228,

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I prefer TDA, but you can't beat the DAO of a stainless original Kahr 9mm, that trigger is truly outstanding. It's like a shorter non-stacking revolver on glass. I admire folks who can control and use a SAO effectively under stress, but I never trained for it, hence my preference for TDA or DAO. I'm also an original revolver man from the 70s, love a nice revolver action.

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It varies a bit but I definitely prefer hammers over strikers. These are my favorites right now: HK P30SK LEM V1 & SIG P239 SAS DAK.

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I have done so much dry fire in DA I even shoot my stock HK P30 triggers very well for my skill level. The Legion 229 in DA every round I am scoring in the low 90's on a B8 at 25 yards on a good day.
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