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Congrats and Kudos to you Bruce. I just watched a Guns & Ammo episode that featured the SIG Legion Series guns with your triggers from the factory. Great looking piece.

Price on the Legion Series is just beyond my reach. I sure enjoyed slobbering over them though. True works of art and function. I shoot so well with the MK 25 that I never changed anything on it. It is just as it came from the factory. I thought about the SRT, but decided I didn't want to mess with success. Besides, my old arthritic hands aren't that fast on the trigger anymore.

Truly, you are living the dream, but I know you put in your time and give 100% every day.

Wishing you all the best in the New Year, continued success with your business endeavors, Lord knows you've earned it.

Happy New year SIGforum.

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That's the truth. I rarely mess with the pistol as it comes from the factory as they know what they are doing and I do not. And what they do/ set up usually works.
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I took a break from shooting. Just busy, no excuses. So I took out to range tonight. Gun #1-P229 Bruce and company did for me I think around 2008/9. (It was an older model that started service with Fish and Wildlife.) Wow, made my aluminum tube service gun seem like a slug, and they were pretty good for stock straight from Sig in 02. (my gun-butter smooth, stock trigger, old non srt tuned to have a similar reset as the new srt's.) GGI did the 'duty carry package' of the time. Gun #2, new stock P229R (2010 ish), I put in the P pac (duty) Gen1 with the new PAIT trigger. Gun#3 P229R (2017) put the new PAST straight trigger with the parts I took out of the 2010 gun I had sig do a Christmas time polish and SRT upgrade.

So, nothing compares to the love and attention GGI does to your gun. Still the smoothest action I have.

#2, that perf action kit gen 1 is a close second but no SRT. But (Fed (sig school) armorer/me) put that kit in (think sig erector set, I did nothing more than take down, lube, and assembly.) and gosh...the difference than even the (sorry Sig) factory Christmas special tune, ALL FROM A BAG OF PARTS I STUCK IN THE GUN.

And now my poor over priced SRT enhanced from Sig gun is now anxiously awaiting the P series perfection action kit Gen2, self defense (gotta have that new SRT version) I have no doubt it will be smoooooooooth.

Thanks Bruce and the gentlemen you have surrounded yourself with.

PS, I am waiting to send my P320 back to GGI for the perfection upgrade redo after the recall and I purchased a GGI pink trigger for my wife's P938 waiting for you to start the promised perfection action work so I can send it in.
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A great interview and discussion.
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Great interview. It was quite a pleasure to read.

Any news, pics or updates on the Sistine Pistol?

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The “lol” thread
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