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i am just so happy that beretta is bringing out more offerings with a proper frame mounted safety.


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I just picked up my M9a4 this afternoon, I won’t get a chance to really hit the range until Sunday but I put a quick 25 thru it and it shot amazing for me. I like the short reset trigger and front serrations. Yes it’s baby shit brown but it’s a good shooter. I’ll never put an RDO on it probably but it’s nice to have the option. I went with the intention on getting just a plain railed 92x but the trigger, night sights and cut out steered me to this. It was the same price as what the A3s were going for the last time I saw one. The only thing I liked better on the 92x was the rounded trigger guard. All in all I think it was worth the extra 3 bills over the 92x. I’ll know more when I get some more rounds down range. Also the threaded barrel isn’t something I’ll use but again it’s nice to have options
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I picked up one today too. I did not get a chance to shoot it yet. My initial impressions are good. I like that they made the sights removable. They are Tru-glo night sights.

The color is cooler than I thought it would be. It’s more of a bronze than a FDE, with just a little hint of shine to it. It’s actually quite a nice finish, especially compared to the Sig M17. The color is best represented in the last two pictures below.

It’s a G style without a safety. It’s a decocker only.

Doing some dry firing the DA trigger seems heavy. It feels heavier than my 92fs, though the 92fs has a few thousand rounds through it and has been dry fired at least that many times. I’m putting a LTT trigger job in a bag in this one so I’m not too worried about the pull right now.

The grip texture is way more aggressive than my old 92. I like it a lot. The gun comes with a second set of wrap around grips too for those of you with larger hands.

It comes with three 18 round mags. It also comes in a plastic ammo can which I don’t like because it becomes worthless as a case if you put a light or laser on it. It’s not a big deal to me since I don’t use the factory cases anyway and it’s just going in the pile.

I really bought this to use my compensator on. Stupid really, but I bought the comp and then hated it for ruining the classic look of my 92FS so I needed a new gun just for the comp. I am in the process of buying some suppressors so I saved the threaded barrel that came with the gun for that and used the factory threaded barrel I already have. I like the black barrel in the gun anyway.

I also won’t be putting an optic on this gun. This is purely a toy and so it’s staying as is. I don’t plan on keeping the light on it either, I was just playing around with different looks.

And the obligatory pics:

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