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^^^That would be the one.

Feels odd watching Jeff Quinn, knowing now the medical and physical hell he was going through at the time of that YT video. A belated RIP, Mr. Quinn.

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probably a good thing
I don't have a cut
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Originally posted by Mars_Attacks:
I don't care if it's military or not, I just like the manual safety on it.

If you just want a P320 with a manual safety, you can find a compact version for about $100 less then an M18. If you wanted the full size grip and magazine with a manual safety, the M17/M18 would be the only options available new right now as far as I can see.
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Like any business, SIG tries to maximize profits. I think they'll offer anything they think is likely to sell - remember when they introduced their "rainbow" finish pistols? I like collecting military firearms, which is why the Military Surplus M17s appealed to me. It took the government forever (and a literal act of Congress) before they authorized CMP to sell military surplus 1911s to citizens. I'd love to own a military surplus Beretta M9 if they are ever offered for sale. I'm a bit sentimental about the 1911A1s and M9s, having carried them for years on active duty. The Commemorative M17 and M18s are close replicas of the military-issued pistols, but it appears this newest release is identical to the current military issue M18 pistol, down to the serial numbers stamped into the FCUs. It's unclear how many SIG has / will release - SIG customer service reps claim they have no idea. I hope this becomes a regular catalog item - if it remains a limited release collectible, I'd feel bad about shooting it!
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Curious as to how many of these were actually released and what the real story behind them may have been. I was fortunate to find one at my local shop and haven't decided if I want to shoot it or not yet. I'd have a hard time parking a nice car in the garage just to keep miles from accumulating...
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