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Did you really think people were dying for a CCW-sized .22 pistol? Not even a .22 Magnum which may have been OK, but just a plain-Jane .22 LR? I saw the “coming soon” announcement and was hoping for a new small, flat 9mm. Confused

C’mon now. I’ve been a big fan but this makes me wonder about you all there:


There’s a new pistol in town. Introducing the P17.
This 17-round, .22LR pistol is only 14 ounces fully loaded and just longer than a dollar bill. It’s perfectly concealable and practical for every shooter. And, it’s priced to ignite your plinking passion. Check it out.

Kel-Tec P-17

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I will buy one for that price. Looks like a nice little plinker.
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Yeah, I don't see it as a CCW option so much as a modern answer for a cheap .22 plinker. THe higher than 10 capacity magazine is a nice touch and this is half the cost of a Ruger 22/45 (but not as nice of course).

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I'm embarrassed to admit I own a keltec, but bought it (P3AT) to see how they hold up. My experience was horrible. Enough to easily convince me to never try another; I bought three and shot them as much as I could, and had others shoot them, and gave two away.

I lost track of the failures, and ended up sending the one I have now back to Keltec repeatedly. They tried to refuse to service it, lost it, claimed the trigger crumbling into bits of plastic was user error, and all kinds of other excuses, but never could get it to run right. The assembly pin constantly fell out in use, despite pin and spring replacement. The trigger crumbled, rendering the pistol unshootable. The frame peened and the barrel hood peened, requiring replacement, and overall the pistol turned out to be the worst piece of crap I've ever seen in a firearm. The customer service was by far the worst I've seen (actually beating S&W for worst customer service, which is hard to do).

Keltec caters to the cheap crowd; same crowd that buys lorcin and hi-point and other saturday night specials. I bought the Keltec to satisfy my own curiosity and to find out if they really were junk. My purchase was successful: I found out what I set out to find out, in spades.

That Keltec advertised the P3AT to have a life of "at least 6,000 rounds" was telling enough. That it's slathering adherents advocated things like the "hair dryer trick" to make the pistol run and fix the factory defects was also telling. An honest, independent evaluation on my own nickle proved that the pistol was utter crap, and that the company that made it and "supported it" was just as bad. The apple didn't fall far at all from the tree.
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I’m actually pretty tickled it’s not ANOTHER subcompact 9mm pistol in a market littered with them.

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We may turn up our noses and scoff at Kel-Tec, but Kel-Tec is laughing all the way to the bank. Unlike a lot of other firearms manufacturers (I'm looking at you HK), they are operating comfortably in the black.
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That thing makes a squirt gun look like it’s of higher quality.

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I think that I might just be interested in that little 22cal. Cheap enough with a Kel-Tec warranty. Will make a fun plinker, and good to teach with.

I currently own four(4) Kel-Tec handguns and have for many years. My P-11 has >5K rounds through it, and still going strong.
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Kel-Tec's designs have never been refined. The first thing that came to mind was the FP-45 Liberator, modernized.
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Would be nice if they had made it in .22 WMR. I would buy one. Heck, I might just buy this one. MSRP $199 means it will be even less on the street. And, it comes with 3 mags. Not bad. And, as mentioned above, "good to teach with".


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It looks like a lot of fasteners holding two pieces of plastic together. No thanks. No more KEL-TEC pistols for me, feel free to take my market share.
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Kel-Tec. Only gun I've ever sold.

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I am actually a kel tec fan. I’ve found all of their products I own to be really fun to shoot and they’ve never failed me. I have the 32 round .22lr pistol they make and it’s the most fun I’ve had with a hand gun. This gun doesn’t really seem to be something I understand the use for and will pass.
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Because if it were a nice gun, Skel-Tec wouldn't have made it!

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Something for the fisherman's tackle box, maybe? I'm not sure people are looking for cheap suppressor hosts.
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I low-key will buy one of first ever pistol the day I could buy one was a S&W 422 and this P17 reminds me of those moments.
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I don't care for the looks but am glad to see more options. I have a KSG and love it. I just wonder what the trigger pull is going to be like on that pistol.
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Gun snobs. If it's not for you, just pass it by. And making judgements on quality based on a photo is foolish.
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How many screws are holding that thing together? Holy Carp!


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Ugly but 3 16 round mags, not 10 rounds, and a threaded barrel? I'll give it a try for under $200.


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