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Anyone have a preferred factory round for this little bolt action carbine?

I've just been shooting cheap stuff out of it, but wanted to really test its accuracy as I'm pretty impressed with just bulk ammo.

Is Leverevolution by Hornady the only one out there specifically designed for carbines vs. pistols or are there others?



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The Hornady LeverEvolution(AKA gummie tip) was designed for lever action carbines in which the ammo was carried in a magazine tube which put the primer of one case in direct contact with the bullet behind it. The result was often spontaneous detonation of several rounds in the mag tube.

Your Ruger uses a box magazine, so bullet shape is less important. If wanting ammo for hunting up to deer-sized game, then heavier bullets in the 158-180 gr range would be appropriate. Otherwise any bullet weight would work for paper targets, soda cans, or other targets of opportunity. The only way to know what your rifle likes accuracy wise is to buy several different bullet weights from several different manufacturers and let your rifle tell you what it likes best. Then you will know what your rifles prefers, and you will have a pile of once-fired brass you can reload! Then you can make all the special ammo you want! You can also try 38 Special loads in the Ruger, although the velocities(and recoil) will be noticeably less than the magnum loads. So buy a bunch of different ammo, and go have fun!

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