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What is the market for vintage ammo? Research I have done suggest about $125 for a full box. Would it be more of a collectors item, or do folks really shoot it?

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Some collect it, some shoot it. People who have a .218 Bee and need ammo will buy it to shoot. The smart ones will keep the empty brass to reload (or sell). I used to have a Marlin 1894CL in .218, I sold it about 20 years ago when ammo for it got hard to find. I still have the .25-20 and .32-20 1894CLs.
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Fun story about .218 Bee ammo. Long ago.. a big group of us went to the big gun show in Louisville. We did break up into smaller groups because some of us had kind of different interests. I wanted a Bee. So after walking the show, left and right, we got together and kind of decided we'd had enough. So I asked one of my friends if he'd help me carry a gun and stuff. We got to the table and started negotiating. Guess i'm not Jewish, but I act like it at times. Front and center on the table was the .218. Didn't take long he as asking $800 and I made him what I thought was a fair offer at $700. He accepted immediately, so it didn't go any farther.

The buddy asked me why he needed to come along if all I needed was him to helpa carry a little 6" revolver. That as the seller was hauling up all 10 boxes of ammo - full boxes. The ammo was worth the price. So over the last of mostly 40 years, I've picked up a few more. And I've even bought partial boxes. Shot some too, but not nearly as many.

The common sense approach is to reload. They don't need to be full bore loads, and can be a bunch of fun to shoot. And I wonder if either of my sons is smart enough to get full pop for them after I croak. Maybe i should sell them as a package.... Smile

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