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My P322 prefers CCI mini mags 40 grain copper plated..My question is what is it about mini mags that make them so good? Is it that they're copper plated or 40 grain target or tactical..flawless so far with 500 rounds..nothing i've used compares including CCI SV
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I've tried Armscor, Aguila Super Extra, CCI Standard Velocity, CCI Stinger. All with no issues. The only one I've found so far my P322 won't work with is CCI Copper-22.

I'm hoping to find some Federal Punch and CCI Upper Cut.
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I've run Federal Match and Target but not Mini Mage yet thru mine. Only problem I've had so far is a fail to feed because I did not load a magazine properly.

I have MM in my stock of .22's and have had them for years. Don't know why but I'm reluctant to shoot them. Maybe I'll take them out of storage and put them on a pedestal so I can admire them from afar... Razz

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I also use the CCI Mini Mag 40gr in my P322 and I rarely have any failures as long as I keep the gun reasonably clean.
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My P322 has worked with everything I feed it

However since I use it suppressed quite a bit, I shoot the 45 grain American Eagle subsonic because it feeds in all my suppressed semi autos

When not shooting suppressed and carrying on my person, it is loaded with CCI Segmented Mini Mags

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