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I think not, and that's OK. I bought a few boxes to get free shipping with two ammo cans, From the Ammo Depot link:

American Eagle AE223N is the ideal practice round for shooters of M855 Green Tip or any ammunition with the SS109 Steel Core. Most indoor ranges will not allow shooters to use green tip ammo as it can damage the bullet trap, so how are you supposed to get realistic practice for shooting M855? Wonder no more, with the American Eagle 62 grain all lead core you can get the characteristics of a 62 grain projectile (albeit with a slightly lower chamber pressure) without the backstop piercing damage of a steel core! Made by Vista Outdoors Group (formerly ATK) there is simply no questions as to the quality and reliability of this 223 ammo.

Federal says MV is 3020fps at the muzzle, 2713 at 100 yds:
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I can't see why it wouldn't within 100yds, especially with weaker construction than true green tip.

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