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The manual says just shoot factory ammo. To me
that means there Ammo.
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No, that means factory-made ammo as opposed to your own or somebody else's reloads.

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The Owners Manual on every gun says something to this effect.

I've got a bunch of guns that have never seen a single round of factory ammo.

The stuff in the Manual was written by lawyers.

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Yeah, factory ammo only means "factory new" ammo, as opposed to reloaded or remanufactured ammo.

Case in point, SIG only launched its own ammo line a few years ago and those warnings have been in the manuals probably forever, so they can't have been telling us to use their ammo.


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Ammunition made in a factory is held to quality control and pressure standards.

Reloaded ammo made by Bubba in his basement is not.

Sig is just saying that they won't warranty issues that arise from you shooting unknown quality, non-factory, reloaded ammunition.

It's nothing to do with only being able to use Sig ammo.
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