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NORMA Range and Training, 9mm FMJ 124 gr. This ammo under lot # SAV23F1180P2 had an over pressure round that ruined a police officers issued Sig P320. He bought 5 boxes and went to a private range. Not even halfway thru the first box his gun was catastrophicly damaged. Barrel, frame and extractor are all damaged beyong repair. The gun is going back to Sig with all the remaining ammo. You should check for this ammo lot # and use extreme caution.
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Thanks for the notice.
I don't see a public recall and the boxes I have do not have a detailed lot number like that. Mine have an 11KQ imprinted on the inside of the flap. Nothing on the outside of the box other tan the UPC number.

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I saw that recall not too long ago and emailed Norma with the info on my purchase order. They replied right away and told me I was good to go. Won't hurt to find out for yourself.

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