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Had 3 FTF in one 20 rd box of 380 68 gr maximum expansion, 3 bad primers, pulled the bullets when i got home. this is the first time with underwood, been using them for years. wrote to them dont know if they will reply.
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I’d like to think they will. Let us know
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Sorry to hear that situation. I have used Underwood in several calibers, not on 380, with reliable performance feeding and penetration.

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Stop buying $2 per round boutique ammo.

Speer Gold Dot, Hornady Critical Defense, or Speer Lawman FMJ are three good choices for defensive .380 ammo, are reliable, and are much less than $2 per round.

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I've had nothing but good luck with the Lehigh bullets in 380. I reload them but I have had two boxes of the Underwood 380 that have worked very well.

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