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Good suggestions so far, just be aware that airguns can still be loud enough for your neighbors to call the cops. I found that out when I was 14.

If you cannot get an airgun, have you tried dosing the outer edges of your property with capsaicin on the trees, roof edges and maybe in a spray bottle? Might make your house less worthwhile than the neighbor's without, hopefully, getting your terrier.
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I caught 3 in live traps last week and dispatched 2 more with a air gun.

Neighbors…on one side, the are only here 2 months a year and on their yacht the remainder. On the other side, he comes to me when he needs ammo and also sold me a pistol a few years ago.

But, live traps work when I am not here. Bait them with peanuts.

I lost too many vegetables in the garden last year to squirrels and rabbits.
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Originally posted by preten2b:
One more vote for 22 pellet rifle. I have/used Gamo Whisper Fusion. I'd suggest heavier pellets for accuracy and to keep at subsonic speeds (950fps), and it is quieter than the subsonic 22s I have tried. Plus, no powder smell. Accurate and =/- just 1" within 40+ yards.

I have this as well and it is nice and accurate. The pellets hitting the cardboard boxes I shoot at is the loudest part.

It likes RWS Super Points and Gamo Red Fire

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