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Just wondering if there is some kind of brass catcher that would work for all of my center-fire pistols?

I’m getting ready to start reloading again and need to be saving my brass, but it’s near impossible to recover more than about 75% of what I shoot; the remainder rolls off into another lane, or the range master sweeps up behind me while I’m shooting to keep others from stepping on it and possibly fall when it rolls under their feet.

I KNOW there has to be some kind of solution to catch ALL of my brass, but I just don’t know what it is!

Thanks for any advice on this issue!

Bill R.
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Google 'bullseye brass catcher'. You can make one for less money if you're handy. The big question is, does your pistol eject reliably enough in one specific direction where all the brass will find the catcher? Good luck in your search.

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