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After a lot of research both here on the SF Forum and in my local shooting community, I jumped the shark and bought my first suppressor (now waiting for my stamp), a DeadAir Wolfman. I wanted a short can that would serve my SBR/PCC 9mms (AR9, H&K MP5 clone, and B&T GHM9 Compact) and also work with a IWI X95 in .300 BLK. If I really get into these things (suppressors), I'll get one specifically for use with the 5.56 caliber carbines that I already own. Meantime, I'm really liking the Wolfman. It's compact, quiet, and although the one my LGS/Range had in stock was a bit too bright for my tastes, but I did acquire a black cover to deal with that. I really like the fact that the suppressor doesn't change my POA/POI using the 9mm ammo I prefer (147 grain) and even quiets down the 124 grain Blazer Brass, that borders on supersonic.

Pics of my SBR'd B&T and the PTR9 CT (MP5 Clone) that's awaiting an SBR stamp at the present time.

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Very nice. I’m eyeballing one for my Scorpion SBR as well.

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For real?
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Great choice! I was looking to get a Wolfman this month but SilencerCo answered my question that I can use my Omega 9K on 350 Legend.
It’s currently on my 9mm Banshee. It did okay on my 300blk.

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Paint it with some high-temp cerakote. It's what some manufacturers use anyway.
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