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Not knowledgable about suppressors (I do have a Silencerco Osprey in .45).
Thinking about buying this one.
RPB "Rup" .22lr on a host Ruger MKI, the transfer date on the paperwork is 1980.
Is it worth buying? Haven't discussed price with the owner yet, but seems like it would be multiple generations older technology.
Any info on this one would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Dan

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Pass on this one. It most likely uses fiberglass and/or Chore Boy packing and ATF says we can't do that ourselves anymore. My oldest integral is a 1986 Ruger Mark 2 with integral suppressor. I got the whole package new from AWC. It works well but had to be frequently repacked with the tools they supplied and nowadays by sending it back to AWC if you don't have an 07/02. I bought a Amphibian in FDE a few years ago and I'm totally happy. Ported barrel bleeds off just enough velocity from high velocity 22's so you can shoot bulk ammo and not just expensive subsonics. It does shoot some standard velocity (target ammo) and some subs but not all.

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Make sure it can be broken down for cleaning the suppressor baffles.

Factoring in the cost and ~year wait for a the stamp process, I don't suspect that would command too large of a premium.

It does look quite good.
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I wouldn't buy a suppressor using 40 year old technology. There are far better choices out that at fairly low cost. I got a Silencerco Sparrow for under 300 bucks, plus tax and the stamp.
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It's pronounced just
the way it's spelled
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I had a friend in FL who had one, it worked well, and I believe it uses baffles. I don't know what great leaps in 22lr silencer technology have happened in the past 40 years, but AWC could let you know.
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I think it would be really neat as a collectible (and I'd love to have one), but if you are actually planning on shooting it and want a modern solution look at the TacSol TSS for the MkIV. It's an integrally suppressed upper just like the old Amphibians, but mounts on a current MkIV or 22/45 MkIV frame. I have one for my 22/45 MkIV and I've quit shooting all my other .22 handguns in favor of this one. Absolutely fantastic gun and the MkIV takedown means it's super easy to clean. Right around $500 and instock from SilencerShop now, just for comparison purposes.

Some old German classic Sigs and some new polymer Sigs...
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