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Finally pulled the trigger on a suppressor... and now the year + wait....

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What is the
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Forget about it. Don't think about it. There is nothing to do, but keep it out of your mind.

It sure is frustrating F1s are around a month or two, but F4s are 10+ months.

The best thing to do is stagger a few F4s. Eventually, it feels like you are getting a new one every month or so.
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sick puppy
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I've got two eForm 1's in, so the wait is on. And with those being shorter, I tend to think about it or follow the wait time approvals on the r/NFA subreddit, which only makes the time seem longer. so yeah, like Vgex said - just forget about it (if you can.)

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Filed my form 4 for my first one in December. Still crickets. Not thinking about it is hard...
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Yup, you need to just forget about it...Then, when you get the call, it's like Christmas! After you get the first one back, you'll see the wisdom of getting multiple F4s in the pipeline, because then, it can be 'the most wonderful time of the year', or all year long! Wink


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Which can did you get?
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