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I'm currently looking to get into another can. I have a 22, 9 and 308 can so far. My 308 can is an ops inc and I like it but that's a huuuge bitch. As well the mounting system while available is a bit of a PITA. I'm looking at the Silencerco Omega 36m for my 556 6.5 308 and maybe 338LM (focus on the smaller stuff) but I'd like to know if I should be looking at anything else. My criteria are

Ease of mounting
Multicaliber endcaps for better suppression
Lighter weight
MIL/LE program is a plus but not required
Hearing safe/DB meter numbers
Anything else I'm missing criteria wise

Appreciate the help in advance.
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I was out at JP Blue Steel Ranch and nearly everyone had a Thunderbeast Ultra 7 in my class.
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I don't know of tests for a suppressor's "tone". It's really about how many decibels of noise reduction. I find that different calibers have different "pitches" -- 223 Remy's sound is a high-pitched bark the 300 BLK or 308 Win.

I suspect most cans fall into a direct-thread (screw on) or a quick-detach method. I have both. Direct-thread is slower and is prone to loosening, especially with new barrels & semi-autos. A properly-designed quick-detach mount is pretty nice.

Lighter weight suppressors may be less durable than heavier ones. Titanium suppressors will generally weigh less, and still be pretty burly. Avoid aluminum cans for a rifle. Lighter cans will shift the POI less than heavier cans.

I've never experienced a suppressed supersonic rifle round that was hearing safe. The closest was a long-barreled 6BR bolt action with a TBAC 338 can. Still not hearing safe for the shooter, but OK for an observer maybe 20-30 feet behind the shooter. Centerfire rifles tend to have bare muzzle noise levels of 160-165 dB. The best cans reduce that noise to 130-135 dB, which still isn't hearing safe. Using a suppressor allows safe noise levels with only one level of hearing pro -- there's no need for both plugs and muffs.

Multicaliber end caps generally change suppression rates by only 2-3 dB. Given the relative noise levels of rifles, this isn't enough for the vast majority of humans ears to differentiate. I have only one 223 suppressor, which I now dedicate to one bolt action rifle. All my other 223 Remy, 300 BLK, 6 Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 308 Win rifles use 30-caliber cans.

If you want suppress a 338-caliber rifle, I recommend buying a true 338 caliber can.

I have a mixture of Thunderbeast Arms and Surfire SOCOM suppressors. The TBAC cans are quieter, and are built for high accuracy. I like the QD attachments for the SOCOMs, and they're plenty accurate for even my demands.
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Most new cans will come threaded 1.375x 24 to allow different mounting systems.
The 2 leading mounting systems are Dead Air Keymo—($$$ and heavy)vs Yankee Hill Machine - ($).
These are the most reliable, easy to use mounting systems.
Look at the Energetic Arms Vox. Lightweight, 5.9”, aerospace technology (C300 managing steel).
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Avoid this one

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OMG, that thing launched!
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Wow! Also thank you for the suggestions so far. Lots to look into.
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Also worth mentioning most of my shooting will be 223/556 but some 30 cal with 300blk 308 and 30-06. The other calibers will be shot less if at all. Honestly with my 338LM I love my brake and might not like it with anything less.
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For a QD can check out the Dead Air and Rugged offerings. Been very happy with mine from these manufacturers.

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^^^ Solid advice there. I like Silencerco, but their designs are needing something new. Rugged and Dead Air are the top of the heap IMO.

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I have a SOCOM Mini for my 223/556 with the QD on the Rifle(s). It's not the quietest can but it's quite a bit smaller than my SOCOM RC2 for my SCAR17.
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I am currently looking at the OSS series it has a design to exhaust the gas out the front so it would be a great help for lefties as well as right hand shooters.
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OSS cans are only really useful if you need low back pressure, because they are fairly high in price, and somewhat low in actual suppression. If you have guns that are gassy and can’t easily incorporate adjustable gas blocks or other mitigation techniques, then they are useful. I’ve got a 5.56 OSS in jail right now, but I only got it for use on a few specific guns like my Tavor X95.
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I would go Omega 36m but consider a Omega 300, if it was a good sale price.


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Another vote for SiCo's Omega 300

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