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Everyone should have a 5.
Just in case you forget the combo on your gun safe and need something to pry it open with.
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^^^^ Lol.
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ESEE 4 with TKC scales.
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Back when this thread started a mere two plus months ago, Esee wasn't even on my radar screen. Now with guns and ammo being in such short supply and already having all the essentials, I've turned to other things I really don't need for amusement.
Thanks to Para and others suggestions I've given in to temptation, I own a 3 & 4 in S35VN, a 4 in 1095 and a 6.
I'm not really sure what to do with all of them but they're really nicely made knives, especially for the money and built like a tank.
If I had to choose only one it would be between the 4 and 6 with the 4 being the most practical for me.

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I finally pulled the trigger and bought the Esee-3 HM (Handle Modified).

I looked and researched so many of the 3 and 4 variants that my eyes went cross.

I decided on the 3HM and figured it was a good starting point.

I very well built knife and which is even balanced but it is a tad heavier than I expected.
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Just chopped carrots with my new Expat cleaver. What a beast! Next will likely be the Expat Darien machete... a necessity in FL.
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Originally posted by 220-9er:
I shouldn't keep clicking on these threads that keep costing me money.

I feel your pain, a ESEE5 is on the way to my house. can't wait...


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For hunting I will either carry a ESEE 3 or 4 depending on other gear I am carrying. I picked them both up at a flea market. The 3 reminds me of the old cartoon Grape Ape. Smile

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