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....on a Native I think. It is one of their cheaper models.

I made the mistake of letting a "knife sharpener" at a gun show work it over. The point which goes below the scales, moved back and above the scale as the "sharpener" repeated the work. I will not let anyone use a sanding tape any mor except me. And then only on a ruined fixed blade

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I wouldn’t think so as it’s not a failure of on the manufacture or of the material.

I would be interested in seeing a pic of the damage.


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Grumpy Biker is spot on; Spyderco won't cover that, though if you're able to take your Native apart you might consider doing a reverse tanto to keep the tip of the blade under the scales.

I bought the CF Stretch below with the intent of re-purposing the scales, but at the same time decided to grind off the tip rather than modify the kick inside the lock-works to make it drop down further.

The Stretch was like this from the previous owner that had it for many years of use & sharpening.

In the end I put the HAP-40 blade into the CF scales (last image) and the old ZDP-189 blade is now in the burnt orange FRN scales...

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Spyderco doesn't, as I understand it, generally replace blades, and certainly not when your delegate screwed it up. I don't think they'll sell blades, either.

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