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PA Governor Wolf recently signed legislation removing automatic knives from the state's prohibited offense weapons list. Effective January 02, 2023 the manufacture, sale and possession of automatic knives in PA will be legal. For those of you living in states which have also repealed restrictive auto-knife laws, did legalization have a tremendous effect on the knife market in your state? Did sporting goods stores begin stocking automatic knives in earnest? Since this story has received very little attention in the press, I'm beginning to suspect auto-knives are a niche product which appeal to a small percentage of consumers. I'd be curious to hear your experiences. Thanks.
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I didn’t see any real difference & REC (Rivers Edge Cutlery) is :30 from me.
I visit frequently but bought both my OTFs on line as selection was better & the only place I could find the combination I was looking for.
For me the legislation was just a green light to carry.


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Yes, when we legalized cool knives local shops seemed quick to offer what they could from the big makes, prices sometimes inflated.

Still, it's awesome. I need a new switchblade to replace my LUDT.

Switchblades are awesome, congratulations.

I carried one even when I wasn't supposed to.
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I'm glad I can finally get an auto. My first will be a Microtech 123-1T
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Most stores that carried a good selection of better knives started carrying some autos. Therese are often Microtech, Boker, and Benchmade. Some of the bigger, dedicated knife stores will have other brands as well. It is, judging by the space they allot, not a huge slice of their sales.

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