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Bunch of savages
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I did a search for Civivi and nothing came up.

Anybody have one? They have a couple damascus and wood folders that look appealing. Always wanted a damascus blade just for the beauty of it. Wood scales would be a nice contrast to all my other EDC's.

I apologize now...
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Now and Zen
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I have a Lume that is my EDC, I haven’t had it for very long, however I like it.

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I bought my daughter a civivi elementum a few years ago. She loves it. D2 steel holds a great edge and the assist opening is very quick.
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I checked out a bunch of Civivis a couple weeks ago and was impressed. They are good to go. I mostly gravitate towards pocket knives in the $40-80 range where Kershaw is my favorite. The Civivis I handled compared favorably and as far as I could tell, every bit as good in quality.

The big dealbreaker for a lot of people is that Civivi is a Chinese company, and all their knives are made in China.

If you can get past that, the Elementum, Pintail, Chevalier are some models w/ Damascus blades & wood scales worth taking a close look at. The Chevalier reminds me of the discontinued Kershaw Skyline, which was one of my favorite models.

You might also like the Praxis Damascus Copper, which has rubbed copper scales that resemble wood.

All the Civivi flipper knives I checked did not have spring assist, which is characteristic of many Kershaws. Most Civivis rotate on ball-bearings and open smoothly enough that they do not require a wrist flicking motion to open.
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