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I gave this to my father in 1980 for Christmas. I had a friend whose father owned a pawn shop and he showed up to school one day with a wholesale catalog for Gutmann Cutlery Company. He gave it to me and I set up a company and started selling knifes, martial art supplies and the like to kids at school. I’m not sure if my father ever really used it as he liked fixed blades. As such, it looks and functions like it is brand new.


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I recall Puma knives in the 70's and 80's. They were great looking knives, but out of my budget. I had a G-96, not nearly as nice, IMO.

Niech Zyje P-220

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I have one just like it. Nice knife.

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Indeed....Nice knife!
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I'm a fan and have two. One I've had for about 20 years is a green-handled 'Packer' model. It shares belt time with a Buck 110 during hunting season and camping trips. The other is an older, black-handled 'Lieutenant' that was my Dad's that I've been pocket carrying since he died right at 2 years ago. You can tell by the blade shape that it has been used and sharpened a lot.

And the Packer from around 2000.

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I have a way old Puma folder. WELL used, well cared for and well loved.
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I had a fishing model with red scales back in the late 80's that I loved. Left it at a service call and was never able to retrieve it.

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I was in the group of "I ain't got enough money to buy one of those." Always admired them in the magazines and catalogs, just not enough scratch to buy one.

Now my taste runs to something different and I keep buying whatever those may be.

These were very nice knives, though. I don't know if they were better than the Buck 110s most of us carried (later) as young policemen or not.

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