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Yesterday I ordered a CQC7 flipper from the Emerson website. The weird thing is that I couldn't find it anywhere else. Not on Amazon, Blade HQ, Knife Center, New Graham, or Grand Prairie. Those are usually my go to sites. Blade HQ even had a notice stating that they would not, for the time being, sell any Emerson knives, and that they would have to be ordered from the Emerson website. What gives? I have seen rumors that Mr. Emerson might be moving out of California, or that this was somehow Covid related. I have a suspicious mind, and I hope that it is not anything worse than that.
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^^^ No it is basically to control production of what and how many of a certain style of knife they want to make.

Listen to the Fieldcraft Survival podcast with him on it. If you want to skip to the end around the 7 minute remaining mark he explains it.
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