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Thought this would be fun. Over the years, I have come across certain blades that I’ve bought two (or more) of, just to make sure I always had one. Now I’m not talking about collecting different variations, I’m talking about blades, put to use, that you realize you like so much you’d want to make sure you didn’t have to do without.
Here’s mine…

Esee 5 - my grab and go shtf knife.

Esee Izula II – lives with the Esee 5.

Battle Horse Knives Smoky Mountain Razor (custom) – if I’m in the woods, with an axe, this is on my hip.

Mercator Black Cat (carbon) – if I have pants on, there’s one in my pocket and has been for 55 years.

Gransfors Bruk Small Forest axe – well I just have found none better.

And the most recent addition and what got me thinking about this…

Battle Horse Knives Big J – if I’m in the woods, without an axe, this is on my hip.

Most of mine are geared towards outdoor or woods use because that’s where I spend most of my time. Yours might be more tactical, work related, or utilitarian. In any case, anybody wanna play? Let’s see ‘em…….

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I follow the same way of thinking... Two is one. One is none.
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Oh yes!
I'm currently beating the hell out of an Emmerson CQB-7. It's my 2nd one, I lost the first.
Before that it was SOG. Bought one, it worked well for me, so I got another and tossed it in the back of the drawer, "just in case".
Gave the first one away to someone who needed it more than me at the time. Broke the 2nd one.

I'm about due for a new one, problems go with another Emmerson.


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I haven't bought a new edc knife for years. But when I like I knife, I buy two or even three of them.

The last model I liked and sticking with is the ZT 0452. I lost a limited titanium model; left it in a restaurant. I bought one or two to replace it.

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I have THREE Spyderco Police models. I'll try to snap a pic later.

I've got an early version in ATS 55 which is probably my favorite. It's got the G10 scales and full flat grind, but still has the slender blade and extra pointy point. I love that thing. Got it when I was new on the job and have carried it for years. Finally retired it when I realized I had gotten attached to it and would get upset if I snapped that tip off.

I then got a Police 3 in VG10. Still a nice knife, but the blade is beefier and the point is a little more...forgiving.

Finally, I picked up a Police Ligthweight last year with a VG10 blade and FRN scales with the intent of it being my user blade at work. It's the beefiest blade of the three and is a long way from the slender original. Much like I'm a lot less slender than I was a quarter century ago when I bought the first one...

I'm probably going to splurge a bit of my holiday bonus this year to buy a spare Sebenza so I'll be a little less concerned about carrying the one I have. I LOVE that knife, but every time I put it in my pocket there is a little part of my brain that goes "but what if you drop it somewhere or mess it up. How will you replace it?"
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