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This guy's channel is devoted to "testing" knives to destruction. I say "testing" because his methodology is inconsistent; he merely beats the ever-loving shit out of knives until they come apart.

This kind of thing always upsets a portion of the online knife community (remember Cliff Stamp?) It's understandable, because during destruction testing, most of these knives are used in ways they would normally never be used. Plus, it's always disconcerting to see a beloved tool fail. However, even with the inconsistent methodology, I find such "testing" to be quite informative.

Go to the 9:40 mark in the video to see how he broke the blade of this knife. Wailing on a metal pipe, using the back of the blade- I can see how having the thin portion of the blade (which, with the way he as holding the knife, constitutes the top of the blade) absorb the tension of those blows, would fracture it.

Why the weird outfit with the gas mask? If I were hammering on sharp pieces of metal like he does, I'd have have my face covered and have no exposed skin anywhere on my body. Just a guess. Maybe he wants to conceal his identity.

Anyway, NSFW due to language.

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I've seen a few of this guy's videos. ESEE has become my favorite brand for fixed blades. I just picked up an ESEE 4 as a truck/SHTF knife. His video on the Gerber Strongarm is pretty impressive. I almost bought one of those instead of the ESEE.
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Looks like a very clean break at almost a right angle. Maybe a comment on grain structure and forging technique but certainly no chipping or shattering. I hope the "Forged in Fire" guys don't start banging spines into stuff.

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My kinda video!!!!!!!
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Elberettas, I was issued a Gerber Strongman in Iraq during my 2003 deployment. That thing makes minced meat of ammo crates. It would pop the metal bands no problem and then you could use the knife to further break down the crate. Not saying other knives couldn’t do it, just surprised that a $45 Gerber could do it without breaking a sweat. I think it handled daily tasks well.

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Well…I use my field knife to chop down metal poles all the time.

It is fairly impressive what it held up to, despite the lack of decent methodology.

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concealing his identity? Maybe the guy who owns the car is a bad ass! I bet when he turns the knife in for a warranty replacement, he takes off the mask.

I have an ESEE5, and while I would never treat a knife that way, I am delighted that I can expect it to stand up to such abuse. Maybe when I get some free time I might wander around and chop down a few power poles, I can hear the lineman now....WTF? beavers?
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He should have used a Cold Steel knife. I've seen them stab through a car door. And meat filled boots.

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I’m Not planning to abuse my knives that way. Even my ESEE’s. Good news is ESEE will send him a replacement no questions asked, Even if they saw that video of abuse. Hell they may even use it in their advertising.
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