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NICE. Just saw a cement one in the wild. After I got my 17 Tacoma the wife now wants a new upgrade 4 runner over our 13 4wd 4Runner.

Not as sure about the runner vs the taco pro but believe the runner Pro come with leather seats and pro only grill and wheels and the suspension is pro only. Probly has a better factory skid plate. I didn't get the trd skid ( heavy aluminum) since I plan to go to steel plate skids eventually
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I have never been a fan of the styling of the new 4runner which is a shame because it is and extremely reliable, well made SUV. I have to say, the pics you guys have posted of this rig in white with black wheels have totally won me over. Love the look and congrats on your new ride OP. I have a 2012 Grand Cherokee V8 with Quadra-Drive that will go anywhere I could ever ask it to but only if it's not broken at the time which of course it usually is (not as much luck as you with your Jeep). Enjoy your new ride!!! Smile

Tomorrow I'll make my annual trip to Press Day at the NY International Auto Show (I work with a major manufacturer) and will be doing some car shopping research of my own. One of my favorite days of the year.

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Nice Congrats!!!!

More pics please

I completely enjoying my 17 Tacoma Pro 6MT (1 of maybe 40)

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such a fine vehicle.

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Awesome! I really want those rims for my '16 Taco.


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I've got to say, I'm pretty exited, what a cool car, maybe I'll go out and get it dirty!!

WOW.It sure is a beauty
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Congrats, I love my 4Runner! Will love it even more in a mere 7 payments from now when it's paid off. SR5 4x4 in silver is mine, can't say enough good things about that platform if you're looking for a mid-sized suv that is capable off-road.
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How do you like the roominess of the front seat area?
I have a Ram crew cab but we would like something like this as a second vehicle.

Great vehicle by the way, let's hope you take this one off road at least once!! Smile

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