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Great work. Any time and any way these crooks are stopped and get the tables turned on them in the bargain is a cause for celebration.

If I could, I'd wood-chipper every last one of these lowlife motherfuckers. Mad Scum of the earth. Pure trash.


Here's a great one, The guy speaks Hindi and curses out the scammer in his own language.

"You're not even a two rupee person" and "I'll stick a broom in your ass and make you look like a peacock." That's a new one. Big Grin

Great stuff. This is why I block every registration attempt from India or Pakistan. Land of the scammers.


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Fargo 'em.


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I love these videos. I will vote for whatever presidential candidate proposes economic sanctions on India until they get this crap under control.
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2 days ago, I posted the update to the Porch Pirate Glitter bomb . In it, I posted a video to Mark Rober teaming up with 2 YouTubers after getting fed up with the scammers calling the cell phones in his glitter bomb. They glittered and fart sprayed one of the scammer supervisors and then sicked law enforcement on them.

However, I didn't post the videos of the 2 anti-scammer YouTubers he linked up with. It's really pretty fascinating how they scam people into overnighting boxes of cash, and then the whole network of AirBnB dead drops, mules, supervisors, and call centers.

YouTube partner #1 - Jim Browning. He backtraces the scammers, hacks them, and for the win scams them.

YouTube partner #2 - Scammer Payback. Helped prevent 2 senior citizens from losing the boxes of money the sent, replaces one with the glitter bomb, and involves law enforcement.

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Pirogi! Big Grin

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The solution is a drone strike.
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blame canada
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Originally posted by nhtagmember:
The solution is a drone strike.

I agree. Attacks on citizens of our country are acts of war as far as I'm concerned, and we should be taking out individuals who do this if their country won't.

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