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Specifically weapons & tactics training one can do at home or at the local range.

I live in VERY rural Alaska and while I would love to attend classes, until uncle Sam moves me next year that isn't going to happen.

I have received some training from my job (LE in the Coast Guard) and would like to build on that. What I'm looking for are some recommended YouTube videos to start, maybe training videos that are accessible from some of the classes that people here have taken.

I would also like to see how some of you have put together different shooting scenarios that I might be able to replicate at our small range.
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Have you checked out the Competition, Training and Regional Shoots subforum here at SIGforum?

As for skills to work on in the cold dark north, changing magazines as either an emergency or tactical reload is a skill darned near everyone (Bruce and Jones excepted) can benefit from. Do it on the clock.

Likewise, practice prepping the trigger. A short reset motion is the goal.

You might invest in a LASER training device. Diviant Ollum had a series of YoobaTuba on various LASER systems.

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For excellent dry-fire training, check out Bruce Gray's Bump Drill:

As mentioned above, it's all about proper trigger prep.

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If you look in the competition/training section, the rangemaster newsletter posts have some decent drills that you can run on your own. I've used those from time to time. A good shot timer makes it easier (I've used the cellphone apps...IME they suck). I've also gotten stuff out of my monthly subscription to Shooting Illustrated on occasion. I have a binder where I've printed out some of the ones I like just to keep them handy.

With the ammunition shortage, I've been doing more dry-fire, as my ammo and component supply is limited. Usually when I take my serious guns to the range these days, I know I can't burn through a ton of ammo, so I try to focus on my performance cold out of the holster, with no warmup. I'll shoot the drill once cold, then maybe shoot a few more mags worth specifically focused on mistakes I made shooting cold and try to correct them.

Like you, I'd love to take some more classes. Time, money, and ammo are an issue at the moment. I was signed up for one that I really wanted to go to last year and COVID killed it. Now our State academy is so backlogged just trying to get the basic students through, who knows when we'll see in-service type stuff come available again.
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SJP, I was in the CG, I was a GM and a SAI. When I got out I became a cop-a real cop, like in the hood fighting hood rats all day cop.

Forget everything you learned at Boarding officer school. None of it applies to real policing. Maritime LE is a completely different animal.

If you want some real training for you, measuring your times, shot placement etc, against you….go to a Uspsa and shoot there.

Get yourself a shot timer.

You don’t need fancy high speed low drag gear, belt, holster, couple of mags.

Do a 5/5/5 test every time you go to the range and keep track of the times and the targets.

(5/5/5- is 5 shots, 5 yards in 5 seconds in a 5” circle, from the holster….cold)

It’s a good test you can run each time you go practice, then you can see how you do. How weather affects you, how you react cold and then run it after you finish your training for the day and run it again(5/5/5)and see the difference.

You can also shoot the USPSA qualifiers…these are the training scenarios they run each month at national levels…pick a scenario, set it up and shoot it to see how you do…their websites show how to set them up measurements etc…

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