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Shoulders - rotators. I have impingement syndrome so I currently use Penetrex and a massage gun prior to every upper-body workout.
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Bottom/middle picture - left shoulder.

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-- Mark Twain, 1902
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Please count me in. I've got pain in right shoulder and left hip.
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knees and shoulder have bothered me for quite some time.

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-D.H. Lawrence
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Not really from Vienna
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Right knee, thanks!
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If possible I would like to win it for my old sister that just had her second knee replacement.


And no, junior not being able to hold still for 5 seconds is not a disability.

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No, not like
Bill Clinton
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Count my wifes shoulders in please

“I owe my success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice, and then going away and doing the exact opposite.”
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low back.

You do NOT have the right to never be offended.
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Lower back. Thanks
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My wife has had back surgery . Lives with some pain daily . She won't quit though .
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I wanna go home
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please add my shoulders in. Thank you
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Speak softly and carry a big stick loaded Sig
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Imagination and focus
become reality
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Please count me in! My wife's back is in really bad shape.
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Please count me in. Lower back and shoulder.
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Neck and hands. Thanks for counting me in.

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are lost.
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Left knee! In! Haha

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Does everywhere count Wink. Broken back several years ago.
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Itchy was taken
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Count me in please

Right shoulder, 3 part humeral head fracture long ago

This space left intentionally blank.
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BOTH my goddammed knees.


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ZERO THC. If it has a spit it would have failed FDA.


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