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No, not like
Bill Clinton
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Yep, I clearly remember my Father fuming over "affirmitive action" in the mid-late 70's at his police dept. Two minorities and one female for every white male hire

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Yeah the PD I worked for did that…”box checking”

I walked into roll cal one afternoon and the staff was going thru prospective new hires…they had sorted them into piles…black, white, Hispanic, Asian,

One Sgt said something about “don’t put him in that pile-who’s gonna apply from Fla and then move here?”

I said, “I moved from Virginia, and I’ve been here working for you guys for over a decade”. Just shook my head and had to leave as I knew I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

They hired the Asian guy who couldn’t read or write in English. He was Vietnamese. The town’s population of VN was exactly ONE after his hire. They sent him to a learning center and taught him English. Prolly $40k. Then police school, all while on the city rolls-collecting a check.

He washed out in field training, he had some “fit” at a murder scene. And quit that night.

They hired a black female lesbian. She got a DWI about a year in. They kept her. She left to the DEA and they took her back when the DEA was going to send her to CA.

I could go one. Just know, you are not alone. It happens everywhere and has been going on for decades.

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I endured the same kind of discrimination while trying to get hired in LE especially up North.

I tried 5x times to get on with Columbus Police Dept. Heck I knew almost the whole dept through school, parents, baseball/football etc..

I kept getting the unqualified letter. (even after being in LE for 10 years)...

Michigan, Indiana, etc.. All of it civil service.

In Ohio-->
If you were a minority:
Extra points

Veteran: Extra points

Lived in the City (This was for cleveland)
extra points

So a white person could get 105 or 110 as max

A minority: 115 or 120 max

If you were a minority female--almost an instant offer.

I have fought this my whole LE career
Now I have to add in that I just turned 51.

When I did background investigations for a defense contractor/OPM this crap was sickening..

It made me have a bigger chip on my shoulder than before..
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Can you get in trouble if you identify as female and change nothing about yourself? What if you grow a mullet?
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Originally posted by frayedends:
He can’t hire me until he interviews a woman and a person of color.

This is another end to be unhappy with. Everyone else is going to get jerked around, waste a day of their life, maybe miss a day of their current job, maybe get their hopes up, to interview for something they don't have a shot at.

I've been through that several times where I work over the years, where I knew the fix was in and we were just wasting everyone's time. (having been on both sides of the interview table) It disgusted me and still does.

In fact I've interviewed for jobs I didn't apply for. In the early years it happened a few times. Got a call to come down to the central office. Once there they had me fill out some form (not an application(?) and I was sent in to interview for a job I had no chance to, nor ever tried to get. They just needed x-amount of bodies to "interview".
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In my experience:
1. The best candidate isn't hired
2. The minority is hired and trained and fails (gets let go).
3. The training period results in the loss of productivity in that role, the loss of productivity for the trainer and any role dependent on the role filled by the minority.
4. This has repeated for several YEARS before an actual qualified candidate met expectations. Meanwhile, projects fail and other good people leave (people end up having to do their job AND stuff the minority was supposed to do).

This is NOT to say there aren't problems if you ignore race/ethnicity. Seemingly qualified candidates (race agnostic) can and do fail. Nor is this to say that minorities can't do the job. Obviously minorities can be exceedingly capable. This is about explicitly hiring someone less competent on the basis of factors that are completely orthogonal to competency.

The problem is when you explicitly prioritize race/ethnicity over merit. That is a problem that affects the role and anybody who works with that role. The effect is not contained to that job role.

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Originally posted by stickman428:
It could be worse. What if they took it a step further and would only consider hiring a minority?

A lot of companies are toeing the line with these D&I initiatives but "[Insert race and/or sex] need not apply" is definitely illegal.
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Affirmative action selects for the less competent minority employees. That will become clear to people in the future if not known already. Black and hispanic physicians will be shunned, white and Asian physicians selected by patients.
OTOH many (not all) gay physicians I have known (there is no gay AA as far as I know) have been quite excellent; my wife chose her new PCP knowing she is "married" to another female physician. It's only the competence that counts.

I support an organization called Do No Harm ( that is fighting woke and trans crap in medical institutions. A worthwhile battle.

“Few trends could so thoroughly undermine the very foundations of our free society as the acceptance by corporate officials of a social responsibility other than to make as much money for their shareholders as possible." -- Milton Friedman
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My mother in law had a full ride academic scholarship to Michigan. After her freshman year, her scholarship along with several other people were given to people of color. She never earned a degree but made a good living in sales.

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Just because something is legal to do doesn't mean it is the smart thing to do.
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I hired into GM in 1969 and the use of the race card was already in full mode.
Minorities could get away with behavior not tolerated by management from us white boys.

And yes, the UAW was just too scared to stand up for the rights of ALL workers and let slide.

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Been this way with a lot of State of Alabama departments, especially Dept. of Corrections (DoC). Had a few white friends who were "run off" while working there, by minority supervisors at the DoC, and then promptly replaced by minorities. One was a Sergeant who took the Lieutenant exam, made the highest score, but was denied the promotion by his minority Captain, who said "I want to keep you where you are". Friend protested up the chain of command, and over several months was harassed, written up on various false charges, and then somewhat "forced" to resign rather than be fired by his Captain. Friend still has a pending lawsuit against DoC, but the wheels of the court system move real slow with regards to DoC personnel matters, especially if you are a non-minority.

In a recent job, I saw very similar situations with DoD employees. One section is all-minority save one, and they have been trying to get rid of the lone white guy for years. However, he is the most productive of the bunch and has kept the entire section afloat and trouble-free from audits and such. They just don't see that; they're focused on his pigmentation. Oh the irony, from just 60-70 years ago.

In a similar fashion, during the recent COVID scamdemic, minorities were given more favorable treatment regarding teleworking and such, than non-minorities, and it still continues, to some extent.

Personally I don't care about a person's demographic, as long as they can do their job effectively.
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Originally posted by frayedends:
Awhile ago I posted about my company implementing diversity policy to obtain more women and people of color.

Well since I can’t stand the job I took last year (same company, different jobs over 26 years) I reached out to my old boss. Short story is he wants me back and I want to go back. He had to jump through hoops to get a job level increased to hire me back.

So now I get the call offline. He can’t hire me until he interviews a woman and a person of color. The job description is literally written for me. I suppose I can’t complain unless I eventually don’t get the job. But it’s a frustrating delay.

Well, don’t you have Native American lineage? Just saying. Wink

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Only 1/1024th.

Originally posted by jhe888:
Originally posted by frayedends:
Funny thing is that I’m 23% Portuguese. Portugal is part of Hispania. My great grandparents last name was Rodrigues until it was changed when they came here in 1895.

So technically I’m Hispanic. But no way to change that in my company profile now.

So . . . playing the race card would be an option?

(And I get it, but I hope the irony isn't lost on you.)

Yeah I get the irony. I won’t be playing the race card. Fishnets sound more fun anyway. Big Grin.

These go to eleven.
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To show how far back affirmative action against white males goes, here's my story from 1976:

Ad in the local paper, wanted to hire an Engineer, selection would be through a written test and an oral test, each weighted 50% and each having a maximum score of 99% (long enough nobody could get 100%). Passing score was 70%.

Did the written test, got 99%. Got a notice of my score and it noted the next highest score was 60%. So since nobody else passed the test, I figured I had it made. Nope.

Got a notice that they had decided to let the applicant (that's the way they put it) who got 60% pass. I didn't care as I'm a good talker face to face and knew I'd get a 99% on the oral. Assuming the other applicant got 99% that means he/she would end up with a score of 79.5 to my score of 99.

Then I got a notice that they were changing the weighting of the tests to 90% oral and 10% written test. I should've told them to go pound sand at that point, should've seen what was coming, but I was just out of school and stupid.

So we do the oral test, I get notified I got 99% and the other applicant got 99%. Okay, even with the changed weighting I had 99% vs their 95.1%

Then I got notified I was 2nd and there would be another job opening in a month and I could have that job.

So I called them on the phone, told them their math sucked and it was 99 to 95.1 and obviously I had won. They sounded shocked and said "but the other applicant is a woman and we have to give her 10% for affirmative action" bringing her to 105.1

I told him to take his next month job and start looking for another person as I wouldn't be taking it. He asked why and I said "because in a couple of years there will be a promotion that comes up, she'll apply and I will also, I'll win that one also but you'll give the job to her and I'll end up working for an incompetent.

That was my one and only foray into Public Sector employment.

A nice PS: A year later I read in the paper where the woman I lost out to was found to be embezzling funds from the company and was arrested and perp walked out. Karma struck.
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Thank you
Very little
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Originally posted by frayedends:
Yeah I get the irony. I won’t be playing the race card. Fishnets sound more fun anyway. Big Grin.

Give um the ol' Tango and Cash!

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Originally posted by Flash-LB:

A nice PS: A year later I read in the paper where the woman I lost out to was found to be embezzling funds from the company and was arrested and perp walked out. Karma struck.

I believe I would have wrote a follow up letter rubbing salt into their fresh wound.

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Originally posted by corsair:
Soft bigotry.

Until someone, perhaps a class-action suit, can be brought to the courts, with solid evidence, such practices won't be overturned or, blunted.

I believe there is a case pending in the Supreme Court.

Nevertheless, I expect the discrimination to continue.
They can't do away with the primary virtue signal can they?
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The laws are there, it is time to start suing these corporations.
File a pro se discrimination suit, do some research, and tie the court system up to eternity

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Walk down to HR, and fire everyone of them.

"Pacifism is a shifty doctrine under which a man accepts the benefits of the social group without being willing to pay - and claims a halo for his dishonesty."
~Robert A. Heinlein
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Elite universities like Harvard, Yale, Cornell etc. are currently in the business of actively discriminating AGAINST Asian applicants. One Asian guy had a perfect SAT score, recommendations from teachers, had outstanding grades and worked a side job all through high school as well. He had an absolutely spotless record. He was rejected by every single Ivy League school he applied to. All of them. He has a law suit that is winding its way through the court system.

Seems there are too many Asians who work hard, study hard and do all the things needed to succeed. I hope he wins. The NFL is 71% Black. So what? If they have the talent, great. I have no problem with that at all.
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