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Welcome! My 2017 4Runner is due for some tires in the next 6 months. I'll very likely also do lift at same time, so I'm starting the search and discussion now.

I've owned several sets of KOs and was very happy with the KO2s. I'm north of 70k miles and they're starting to show their age. In addition to the performance, I also really like their aesthetic. Neighbor has a set of brand new Grabber ATX and they've got my attention.

Price difference is not significant nor really a factor, but it's a matter of $150-$250 less for the Generals, depending on size.

I do take the 4Runner off-road, so it's not just about mall crawling. Both tires have pretty good reviews and Tirerack reviews actually favor the General. Most of my off roading is here in FL with a lot of sand but I've also taken the truck to the Carolinas and TN for some more aggressive conditions.

I'm sure there are some Nitto or Toyo that fit the bill, but considering my preferences, it's just a toss up between these two tires.

Anyone currently driving General Grabber ATX tires? What are your experiences?

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I am a big fan of the KO's and KO2's. I just purchased my 6th pair. I had 3 pair on my Tahoe 2000 that I sold in 2013 with 198k, 165k was on ko's. My f150, is a 2013 with 189k on it. My first pair of ko2's lasted 90k, this last set was 71k.

I am getting about 70k miles on average. I have my tires rotated every oil change. I do that about every 5k.

I live in a deeply rural area, and down a mile and half of dirt road that I maintain. I am on and off road on my property every week. I have been very happy with the kO2's
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I wouldn’t rule out the Toyo Open Country line if you’re into the aesthetics. We are on our second set on our Tacoma which like yours goes off pavement. Of the two listed, I really like the Grabber ATX.

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Going to put new tires on my Tacoma. Need good off-road traction several times a month but also good highway mileage and low road noise)

Suggestions Ive been given.

Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus (Disc. Tire person said these dont last very long)

Falken Wildpeak A/T3W

Cooper Discover AT3

Tire prices seem to be skyrocketing now though...

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Not one of your choices but you may want to also consider the Falken Wildpeak A/T3W which I bought a few years ago for my 2003 4Runner based on a discussion and recommendations on this forum.

Previous to the Falken’s I had Goodyear Duratrac’s which is a legendary tire unto itself, but imho the Falken is almost every bit as good and maybe a bit better in wet-road handling, reduced noise and better ‘grip’ as the tire ages / wears down.

At the time the Falken’s were less costly than the other top brands offering the same type of tire.

Good luck with your choice.

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I have never had a set of the Generals on my truck so I can't comment there, but I have had a few sets of the BFGs. I currently have a set on my truck and they have a lot of vibration going down the road. Just a buzzy-ness that you can feel. It was really bad when I first got them, then subsided for 5k miles and has come back recently. My tire guy says that the KO2s are bad when it comes to vibration. I am running them in 35x12.5-20, so it is a 10 ply tire but I just thought I would mention that. I think I will try something different next time.

The only Generals I bought was a set for my wife's car. They lasted for a good while but they were very noisy going down the road. I could hear her coming from a half mile away when out working in the yard.
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Timely thread for me. I too am due for some AT tires on my Silverado. My Goodyears only went about 30k. Watching this for suggestions.

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Both are great tires, I just put some new BFG KO's on my H2 and they ride great, do well in the snow and I do love the way they look.
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Another vote for the Falken Wildpeaks. I’ve had them about 2 years on my Tacoma and love them. They seem to be wearing nicely, no issues so far. Great traction in the snow.
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I’ve had KO2’s on my 4 runner and my work truck. Both sets rode terrible. The vibration made driving miserable. I replaced them on my 4 runner with Nitto Ridge Grapplers. I’m very happy with the way they ride.
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I was a BFG guy through-and-through...for years.

AT's...MT's...on all my vehicles.

I switched to Falkens...and haven't looked back.

BFG's seem to have changed...gotten much harder...wear oddly...harder to balance...crazy expensive.

I currently have Wilepeak MT's, 37" on my Jeep...and they run great both offload and onroad.

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For what it's worth, I dislike the KO2 series of tires. They look pretty good, but performance is mediocre in all conditions. It's not awful anywhere, but it's also not good. They do last forever, but that's not really a benefit to me when the performance is lacking.

I think BFG is coasting along on their reputation from when they were one of the only options with the KO2 line.

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Originally posted by Perception:
I think BFG is coasting along on their reputation from when they were one of the only options with the KO2 line.

BFG KO and KO2 were good until Michelin bought the company years back. That seems to be when they started changing.
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I have a Gladiator Rubicon that came with the FALKEN Wildpeaks. They have been OK so far (14k) but in looking at what to get next time I noticed that they were considerably heavier than many of their competitors.

My plan it to go the KO2’s in an E load rating next time.

I have had the General grabbers on both of our 79 Series Land Cruiser expeditions in Africa. I got flats on both trips but I would consider that use to border on extreme so don’t put too much influence on that statement.

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Your not a Toyo fan but I am throwing another vote for the Open County AT3. I have them on my 4WD Sequoia.

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The Grabber AT/X is a good all-around truck tire for the money.

Fun name too.

My favorite is the Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac, but you pay for the slightly better performance and great treadwear(under harsh conditions - I destroy tires). I was planning on replacing mine with these Grabbers here in a month or 2.
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The KO and KO2 I’ve owned were loud. The ride was decent.

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I would have considered the ko2's except snow is the equation for me so I went with the falken wildpeak (have a better rating with snow). If between bfg and general grabber than I'd go with bfg. I had general grabbers at one time and while they may have gotten better since, they wore extremely fast. Did the normal rotation and all that and they were worn out around 38k miles.

Since I said I have the falkens, currently have their c load 275/70/17 on the 4runner and they have been awesome. Have been on snow, mud, dirt, rocks, sand and no issues. When I was in the outer banks just aired down to 20 and never felt close to getting stuck. Last winter drove through a few areas of unplowed snow when we got hit hard and didn't phase them.
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KO2's are great. I have Discover ATP 2's on my Tacoma now and they are great in snow and mud and seem to be wearing well after 7k. I also looked at Nitto Ridge Grapplers. They have great reviews.
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I highly suggest adding the Falken Wildpeaks to the top of the list. They are a great tire. I had them on the Expedition and planned to swap them to the Tundra when I bought it.
Ended up in a Limited with 20” wheels and I bought new 20” tires (Michelin A/T2s) while a good tire I kick myself daily for not buying 18” wheels and using the Falkens instead of buying 20” tires.
I am a big Cooper fan too. I have the Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S on my Silverado as I don’t need an aggressive tire on it.
Cooler has recently released the Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek that is getting some great reviews.
My next tire purchase will be the Wildpeaks or the Rugged Trek. The Coopers are made in the States compared the the Falkens in Indonesia.
My only gripe with the Falkens is they turn brown. I don’t know this for sure but I am guessing it has something to do with the Indonesian process as I had a set of Ryken Raptors on a V6 Mustang years ago and it was an outstanding budget tire but they turned brown as well and they too were made in Indonesia.
I think the Generals are a pretty good tire but word is the tend to be a touch loud compared to others.
Though I am a big fan of the Red Letter General Grabber X3 they are just big money and likely a touch more aggressive than you want.

Here is a thread a couple years old on the Wildpeaks.
That thread is just over 2 years old I paid 676.50 for 4 275/70/18 E rated tires (not mounted) today the best I can find is $930!

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