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Welcome to America!

We’re at the southern end of 17.
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Domari Nolo
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Congrats, Tony! You do what's best for you and your family. There are many ways to define success.

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Congrats Tony! Hope you like the heat! I’ve thought about moving there…

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Congrats! Sounds like a good move. We moved last year, it’s pretty much all relative in terms of pricing depending on where you go. I’m guessing 2022 will stabilize but we won’t see anything like 2008 which presented a very different set of conditions. We have been pondering Florida a bit ourselves…probably another 8-10 years or so for our next move.
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Originally posted by MikeinNC:
Benny, even if you go into an apartment for a year, it won’t be money wasted.

To anyone who thinks the housing market is stupid, check out the rental market in Florida. There are places around Orlando where a 2 bedroom is renting for $2,500 per month. And that is not in a high rise in downtown. That is your standard apartment complex in the suburbs, three levels, multiple buildings.

I sold and bought a new home recently. I had a few people tell me, "You should rent for a year." I did look into it. But two problems; the rental occupancy is over 90%, which means they are essentially full. And the rents are insane. I would have needed a 3 bedroom. That would be about $36,000 for a years worth of rent. I said, "No thanks" to that option.
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Congratulations on your up coming move. The Auburndale area is nice.
The state has an outdoor range not to far from you it is called Tenoroc. Once you get settled in maybe we can all get together for a group outing.

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Yeah, that M14 video guy...
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Sounds like a great plan to me! Looking forward to it!


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Thank you
Very little
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Congratulations, welcome to the GunShine State!

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Congratulations Benny!
We are selling our lake home here in VA and contemplating a move to the Southeast coast so I understand your desire to move to FL. We have found a few places along the St. John's River that look nice.
We bought a home last year in Pinehurst to be near our deployed son's family and got it for a great price and 2.125% financing so the money is definitely working out while we wait for the market to cool a bit.


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Sorry I will miss you when I make my move up to the mountains in southern Oregon. Love it there.

I had visions of M14s on the front lines fighting back Antifa from the North for about 3 mins until they were defeated and Oregon is liberated. Big Grin

Anyway, totally get the move and I hope it goes well. A leapfrog forward to a greener Lilly Pad.

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Welcome to Florida. We need more folks like you, Tony. Good luck with the move.

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I'll bet you'll love Florida. I love the heat and most everyone has A/C to escape it when necessary. Even as a kid, the heat was great and only really noticeable at night when trying to sleep. My Mom bought a big wall mounted unit in '63, IIRC, and life was good at night. Now with the central units it's great.

My wife, a Pennsylvania girl, hated the heat at first, but has grown accustomed to it and, though we have talked about moving occasionally over the years, we just can't think of a place better or even as good as we believe our area is for us.

And, of course, our Governor makes a big difference in how we view our little part of the world. The no income tax is fantastic.

There are just so many things about this state that make it a paradise for us and I hope many of those same things will make it one for you and your family. too.

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New construction here in FLA is backed up a year due to materials. It is a great state to live in. Good luck-cheers!

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