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So I have tried all kinds of things here including the how to's on the net but I'm missing something.

I use gmail calendar on my computer and the Apple calendar app on my phone. Yes I know I can use the google calendar app but want to continue to use the apple one on my iphone.

If I add something to my google calendar on my computer it shows up on my iphone. If I add on my iPhone it will not show up on my computer.

What am I missing?


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I had the same issue. I could get my iPad to sync up with Google, but it never worked on my iPhone. I finally gave up, dumped Apple calendar on my phone, and installed th google calendar app.....I know, it's not the answer you wanted, but after weeks of fighting with my phone, I gave up.
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Might be a default account/calendar issue. If you're not writing to the same calendar account, then it could be on your phone but not show up on your computer.

I view 5 different calendars on my phone, but only write to the default when I create new events.

Take a look at Settings>Calendar>Default Calendar and make sure your default calendar is the same account your want to see on you computer.
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