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Have used them in 1969-1970 while in Korea and since but was still hungry after the meal because of the time it took and do not have to worry about overeating which would cause the weight gain and having to refit the wardrobe. But have to draw the line at a bowl of soup.......................... drill sgt.
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Practice makes perfect. Asian grocery stores do have training chopsticks.

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I like to eat so I use a small shovel
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I can pick up just about anything with Chinese profile sticks, but not so well with Japanese, or the cheap bamboo disposable ones that you have to split. With those bamboo ones, I end up using them upside down so that the big end allows more purchase.
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Many years ago I started to practice picking up things around the house, pencils, wash cloths. I needed to sort out my bolt/washer/nail bucket at my workbench. I used chopsticks to pick each piece up and sort them.
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As an evil Asian, I do know how to use chopsticks. I just wanted to say that I'm a third-generation Japanese-American (sansei), and I did not learn to use chopsticks until I was 13 years old. That made me kind of a black sheep of the family—I'd be the only person at the table of large family gatherings with a fork. I've always been a slow learner.
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I'm also sansei, I am ok with chopsticks. To be honest, most of the time I just prefer forks and spoons. I have a native Japanese friend who also prefers Western utensils. For certain things, like ramen, chopsticks are better.

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I'd still hang with youse guys Smile


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I learned to use them on my first tour in that beautiful SE Asian Paradise way back in 1965.

Never had any trouble using them since, though I realized, when I started reading this thread, that it's been a couple of years since I've been any place they were offered as eating utensils.

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wife is OK with them,

I struggle, and just grab a fork
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