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Nothing against the bitch, but "Jane Fonda Day" should be the day she passes on to the Great Commie and a marker placed next to her tombstone with the loving words "PISS HERE - RESERVATIONS REQUIRED DURING PEAK HOURS."


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Originally posted by fnnwizard:
Just slightly off topic, but this is such a coincidence. I got a text from my dad just yesterday to see if this picture was legit.
Someone he barely knows, who knows someone, who knows someone else, who knows the owner of that boat, the man standing at the bow; found this picture on the internet. My dad said it is our family on this boat. <SNIP>

Thank you for sharing this story.

I will forever be indebted and grateful for the Great United States of America.

And, so am I.


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I think Jane Fonda should have a day. A day when she is hung by the neck until dead! TRAITOR!!!

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I asked myself if I was crazy, and we all said no.
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Nothing surprises me anymore in this liberal country. Very sad to think they give homage to a woman who contributed nothing and sided with an enemy.
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Very deliberate and intentional, these people should not be underestimated in their aims, goals and desires. Jane Fonda is but a minor figure in the environmental movement, there's zero reason for such an honorarium other than someone in the legislature looking to score points and put a thumb in the eye of their opponents.

Thankfully one of the conservative bulwarks in CA is the large and vibrant Vietnamese community in Orange County. I always get a warm feeling of pride when driving in OC seeing the many South Vietnamese flags flying along side the US flag at various shopping centers and store fronts. True multiculturalism.

How Vietnamese lawmakers struck back when Los Angeles County declared Jane Fonda Day
As Saigon was falling, Janet Nguyen’s uncle – an officer in the South Vietnamese Army – was taken before his village and executed. After the city fell on April 30, 1975, the communists put Nguyen’s father and mother in jail. Their “crime?” They got caught trying to escape the country.

After Saigon fell, Tri Ta’s father spent years in a re-education camp prison. His “crime?” He wrote books critical of communism.

Both Nguyen and Ta eventually made it to California with their families. She became a California state senator and he became a member of the Assembly. The Republicans represent Orange County districts home to the largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam.Forty-nine years after the Fall of Saigon, April 30 remains a solemn day for Nguyen and Ta as it is for many of 2.3 million Vietnamese-Americans in the U.S. They call it Black April.

“It’s a day that we mourn,” Nguyen said.

Which is why Ta and Nguyen were outraged when leaders of neighboring Los Angeles County declared April 30 “Jane Fonda Day” to honor the celebrity for her environmental activism. The lawmakers immediately began pressuring officials to rescind the recognition.

To many Vietnam veterans and refugees, Fonda more than earned her pejorative nickname “Hanoi Jane” when she traveled to North Vietnam during the war, was interviewed for communist radio broadcasts and had photos taken with North Vietnamese Army soldiers and their anti-aircraft guns.

On Thursday, the Los Angeles County Supervisors announced they would change the date to another in April during Earth Month “out of respect for the community voices who have spoken up.”

The decision to honor Fonda on such a solemn day for Vietnamese Americans wasn’t intentional, said Constance Farrell, a spokesperson for Supervisor Lindsey Horvath, who chairs the Los Angeles County board. Rather, Farrell said that date was chosen because it fell on a scheduled meeting where board members routinely issue proclamations honoring people and organizations.

Why Vietnamese-American lawmakers were upset

Ta and his Democratic colleague, Assemblymember Stephanie Nguyen of Elk Grove, wrote a letter last week signed by nearly every Republican Assemblymember urging the L.A. County supervisors to rescind the proclamation.“This honor for Ms. Fonda is an affront to the service and sacrifice of American and South Vietnamese soldiers who gave everything in the cause of freedom,” their letter said.

Stephanie Nguyen, a daughter of Vietnamese refugees who grew up in Sacramento’s Little Saigon neighborhood, didn’t respond to CalMatters’ interview requests.

Learn more about legislators mentioned in this story.

Janet Nguyen

Republican, State Senate, District 36 (Huntington Beach)
Stephanie Nguyen

Democrat, State Assembly, District 10 (Elk Grove)
Tri Ta

Republican, State Assembly, District 70 (Westminster)
Fonda didn’t return CalMatters’ request for comment sent to her publicists, but Fonda has since apologized for the photos with the anti-aircraft guns that may have been used to shoot down American pilots, saying she never intended to appear to be against American troops, merely against the war.

Ta and Janet Nguyen said they were relieved the board chose to change the date honoring Fonda, but they said it was nonetheless frustrating how easily the leaders of the state’s most populated county forgot the shared experience of Vietnamese-Americans families that escaped an oppressive communist regime. There are 521,100 Vietnamese Americans in California.

“I was really, really upset because (Black April) is a really sad day for almost every Vietnamese American here,” said Ta, who recently appeared on the Assembly floor in a dark blue traditional Vietnamese outfit.

Janet Nguyen was dressed in black when she attended Black April services in her district. When she learned of the Los Angeles County supervisors’ decision, she said she quickly began calling and urging them to reconsider.“I pleaded to them that, you know, if you’re not going to rescind that, you at least change the date,” Nguyen said. “April 30 is not the day.” She said she’d prefer the supervisors pick a day that wasn’t in April.

Janet Nguyen opposes communism

It’s not the first time California’s Vietnamese-American community has pressured politicians to rescind measures that Vietnamese Americans found offensive.

In 2017, then-Assemblymember Rob Bonta authored legislation that would have repealed a 1953 law that allows California governments to fire communists.

At the time, Janet Nguyen called Bonta’s bill “an incredible insult to Californians who have escaped communism.”

Bonta, now California’s attorney general, apologized and rescinded his bill.

“Through my conversations with veterans and members of the Vietnamese American community, I heard compelling stories of how AB 22 caused real distress and hurt for proud and honorable people,” Bonta said at the time. “For that, I am sorry.”

Janet Nguyen is running for Orange County supervisor. But before she leaves the Senate at the end of the year, she’s made it a point to introduce anti-communism measures in a state known for its leftist politics.

She introduced a resolution declaring Nov. 7 “Victims of Communism Day, in memory of the 100 million people who have fallen victim to communist regimes across the world.” The resolution passed the state Senate last year. She also has a bill pending that would allow a nonprofit organization to construct a memorial to the victims of communism on the state Capitol grounds. It passed the Senate in April. Neither measure had any opposition.

“Vietnamese refugees coming here, we treasure democracy and freedom,” she told CalMatters. “And we treasure our voice. And so we don’t want anybody to have to live through what we’ve lived through.”

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To many Vietnam veterans and refugees, Fonda more than earned her pejorative nickname “Hanoi Jane” when she traveled to North Vietnam during the war, was interviewed for communist radio broadcasts and had photos taken with North Vietnamese Army soldiers and their anti-aircraft guns.

The Constitution states:
Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. Check.

If this had happened in World War II - at the time only ~25 years earlier - she'd have been tried, convicted and imprisoned for treason.
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That lousy excuse for a human needs to be living in North Vietnam!
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