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One of the five vehicles I would like would be an EV mini van for our errand running days ,

Four times a month,
We average between 65 and 80 miles over a six hour period.

Groceries, appts. , Hauling larger crap about, lunch, picking up , delivering.

Stop and go is were they shine

Safety, Situational Awareness and proficiency.

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Well I like the hybrid my wife bought recently ... using the energy when stopping to charge the battery is close the genius.. the same as when gong down hill. Not sure if the technology needed to do this is worth it but it sure is fun to watch on the center console.

I do agree with the gas stove and such thing... but probably because I deal with gas fireplaces just about every day besides loving my gas cook stove. I did install an on demand gas water unit and just recently had to add a small electric water heater with tank to the kitchen line to make my wife happy. I bought some wattage monitors and have determined that 4gal water heater is costing us 11 cents a week.
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Originally posted by .38supersig:
I'll buy an EV as soon as they go all in for the electric ambulance or a battery powered fire truck.

They are already making electric fire trucks. I think LAFD may be the only fire department that actually has one in service yet though. From what I’ve heard it’s not yet ready for prime time - big shocker right?!

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would not care
to elaborate
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I think for the most part you'll still be able to use whatever you want, but they'll make sure it will be very costly to do so.

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Originally posted by Lt CHEG:

Electric vehicle <something something> big shocker
Big Grin

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I kinda like my cordless mower. Our yard isn't that big and I've mowed 3 times on one charge. Cuts better than the gas mower we used to use.

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