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When I was a kid my mom spanked me and my three brothers with a wooden spoon.
The story goes I was the youngest and hid the spoon outside in the bushes.
It was found years later and I've been teased about it for forty years.
Found this while surfing and had to buy it. Family reunion this summer and
I'll wear it on day one! Big Grin
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My Mom used a well worn 1x2.

I was the youngest of 5 kids, so it was broken in really well by the time it got used on me.

We tried burning it but all that did was get us whacked with a little char on it.

We broke it once and were forced to glue it back together and put some finish nails in it.

The result…You guessed it WHACK!

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I need this to give to my niece!

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Mom broke plenty of wooden spoons and even paddleball game paddles on my backside. She eventually had dad cut her a piece of cove molding about 2 inches wide and only needed to use that once.
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I was the victim of a heavy yardstick. About 2" wide by 3/8" thick. The reach was better than the spoon. If used on the flat, it was more of a warning but when used on edge, things were getting real and I often deserved it. Not to say I was a naughty kid but I was! Haven't seen a yardstick like that in many years. It was the 357 Special of child readjustment tools unlike the principals paddle which was a 44 Magnum. And no, I do not consider myself to having been mistreated.

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Belt. Youngest of 4, so by the time he got to me, he was tired Wink.
Mom’s spoon was a joke compared to that.


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There was a clear progression, based on severity of infraction:

Ticked Mom off: Bare hand on bare behind.

REALLY ticked Mom off, borderline "Wait until your Dad gets home": Heavy yard stick. Always on the flat, stung enough to get your undivided attention.

Stepped in it Bigtime: Razor Strop. Never wielded with much force, but it was a heavy leather strap about 3 inches wide and a quarter-inch thick. That would raise a welt and instill Proper Behavior for an extended period.

Usually deserved it, occasionally Little Brother would instigate and I'd get the stick.

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Mom usually used whatever was available, spoon, flyswatter, switches off a bush (us kids had to go select the switch - too small and mom would go get her own, too large and it would hurt more, so it was a fine art to select the proper size).

Dad was a Vo-Ag teacher with a shop attached to his classroom. If a student misbehaved he would have them go in the shop and make a wooden paddle. He'd write their name on it and paddle them with it, then keep it in a barrel in a closet. He would return the paddle to them upon their graduation.

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My Dad used a combination of mental and physical punishment.

He'd say " Cut me a switch " and hand me his pocket knife. I'd have to decide on the size and strength of said switch. Too large and it would really hurt , too small and I'd be sent back to do it again and possible more lashings.

Highly effective and lest you think he too cruel I don't believe this was a but a one or two time event and my behavior improved.

My memory of his face when he whipped me showed he liked even less than I did.

I still like to say " go cut me a switch" as an idle threat.

I see eagle0199 had a similar story
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Love the OP!

Not many memories of physical punishment but had my share.
Actually regretting my kids only know verbal warnings instead. The new ways are BS compared to the old and most kids are too soft and delicate, unable to wipe their own noses.


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Yardstick for me, until I got old enough for the belt. My Dad always made a big production of taking it off, this was more terrifying than the actual whipping. Never more than two whacks with plenty of time between them to let the lesson "sink in." It was always Dad, Mom never resorted to physical punishment, just her showing her disappointment was punishment enough.
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I don't remember a spoon, but remember the paddle and we also had a meter stick which was a little wider and a little thicker than the yardstick making it a better improvised paddle. It didn't occur often, but when it did I had earned it other than occasionally taking the rap for something my brother did.

I also remember the "that didn't hurt" incident with Mom. I did something that earned a spanking and I defiantly uttered that stupid phrase. Mom repeated the spanking but harder, and once again I defiantly uttered that stupid phrase. Mom didn't miss a beat and said, "don't worry your Dad will be home soon and it'll hurt." That's when I realized I hadn't thought that "plan" all the way through. BTW, when Dad got home his spanking hurt and afterward Dad imparted the "in the future, think before you speak" wisdom.

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I was never scared of my Mom, many broken spoons or whatever she could get her hands on. But all she had to do was mention my dads name and the thought of his heavy leather belt on my ass would straighten me up

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I made mom furious after dropping an FU at her, she broke every wooden spoon in the crock on my backside. Only to be reinforced when Dad got home that evening with his belt

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Yep, leather belt did the trick. The old man did not use often. But when he did it was not good.

Mom would wash mouth out with goood old bar of soap when needed. That was not fun either.

Good times.

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Speaking of wooden spoons, this is a hilarious youtube video if you haven't seen it.

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In high school, my government teacher had a 3/4 inch dowel rod with a handle. It still gives me chills.
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It was never mom except for a quick swat and only a few times. Dad used the belt and only twice. Once for playing with matches and once for trying a cigarette. After that I learned not to do it or not to get caught. At 13 or so mom went to swat me and I grabbed her wrist mid swing. She couldn’t move. As I looked at her I thought to myself I’m gonna get a real ass kicking tonight. I never heard a word about it so I’m guessing she didn’t tell him. I also never tried to stop mom from swatting my butt again.
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Yeah had to watch out for belts back in the day. Smile
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