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Originally posted by MikeGLI:
Unfortunately, I know a guy who got busted doing this. We never knew how much of a slime ball he was.
The only positive is everyone at work, all of his friends, even his (former fiance) all know what type of person he is.

For sleazebags like this, no amount of counseling/therapy will ever change that.

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Ya'll gotta try harder Wink ...we've got a pervert here that puts your perverts to shame...he was caught at a yoga festival hiding inside a porta potty toilet when he was noticed by a woman about to use it.

Woman lifts lid of portable toilet to discover man hiding in the waste tank
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Yep... Dayton OH.

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Originally posted by 911Boss:
True story, many years ago while running a John sting the female deputy who was the decoy was getting ZERO attention.

They ended up busting a John who went for a “real” prostitute after casually chatting with the decoy. Asked him why he didn’t offer on the decoy. He told the officer it was obvious she was a cop as she was too good looking to be a hooker.

While I am sure that made her feel very good, I can’t help but wonder the self-esteem impact it had on the replacement deputy decoy for the next sting. Big Grin

That’s not an issue anymore. Most prostitution is arranged via various websites that specialize in that. Many postings simply don’t include faces anymore and they still get plenty of attention.

I was working the command post during a multi-room large sting last year and arranged a cross-dressing/transgender date for a male customer. When the suspect arrive on scene we directed him to one of the take down rooms and informed the team in that room to expect one visitor. We neglected to tell them it wasn’t a run of the mill female prostitute.

I’m told the officer than answered to door hid his surprise quite well but he sure wasn’t happy with us.
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