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Was talking to a buddy about new ears and this popped up in my Instagram feed. Looks interesting. Anyone with experience with them?

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I tried the Axil ear plugs and wasn’t happy with them at all. I couldn’t get a good seal with any of the sizes they included. Their customer service was good, and they tried to be helpful, but no success.

I can’t speak to the electronic version, never tried any of their models.
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We tried them. Pretty much all had the same conclusion: with the units turned on, the sound of the shots was annoyingly loud (regardless of volume setting). With the units turned off, they were nice and quiet. Of course at that point it’s the same as an EAR foamy, it makes everything quiet. The kids and I tried the GX units, Mrs slosig tried a GS Extreme. Same complaint on all of them. The CS lady was nice. Said they’d never heard that complaint, but processed the returns timely.
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Not earbuds but damn close. I and many friends swear by these (specifically the NNR31 model):
They fold up to fit in a pocket. Work well with a hat too!

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They have a bunch of different options. I started with a pair of Ghost Strikes (now maybe the GS Digital or Digital 2) and I also have a pair of Custom Edge 90s. I have been pleased with both purchases. What I have are not what you are seeing advertised on IG and FB.

The GS model went back for warranty service as there was some sort of issue and the issue was solved quickly. Good service. The CE 90s went back once under warranty and I had them upgraded to a model with the ear wax guard. Out of warranty they went back for service as well. Again, great customer service.

I don't have experience with the stuff they are heavily advertising on social media. These would be the GS Extreme and GS Electronic I think. With any of these, comfort and fit will be key. My wife has been unable to find any ear pro designed for in-the-ear to stay in place for reasonable periods of time. She's using the Ghost Strikes, but has to reset them every 10 minutes or so. This happens to her for all sorts of brands, including iPod Pros with extra small aftermarket inserts.

As to the electronic "cut off the shot sound" design, some folks like it, some do not. The NNR rating for the GS Extreme and GS Electronic are 29 db, which is pretty good and listed better than the CS 90s that I currently have (27 db). The electronics on my set up a cut off the gunshots pretty well, but you certainly still hear them. I recently wore my CE 90s for a two days straight - probably 12 hours of shooting - at a class with 18 students. All was good for me, and I was standing right next to individual students firing all day.

The are great when you're listening to someone else speak outside. Enhances the sound, BUT if there is gun fire in the next bay, the voice you're listening to may be cut off which is a bit annoying.

I would not hesitate at giving the GS Extreme, GS Electronic or GS Custom a test drive if given the opportunity. Maybe check their return policy.

For me, ear pro kind of was like holsters. I bought a few options to get to a few "go to" sets.


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Thanks for this info. They are plastered all over instagram and I was considering picking up a set.
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Timely thread. I also WAS getting close to pulling the trigger on a pair of AXIL earbuds. Bald1, I'm looking at the Sensgard's as i type this. Thanks. Smile


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Check this parallel thread:

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I purchased an Axil product ( don't remember name) for about $600 about 5 years ago..... I wasn't happy with the product or the customer service....ymmv ( I hope).
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Thank you all for your reply!

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The sound was "Scratchy". I returned them after one use.


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