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Originally posted by Black92LX:
Originally posted by NavyGuy:
Originally posted by Black92LX:

They used to be great but Northstar got bought out and there have been tons of issues with current X2 batteries.
So bad Batteries Plus is not very easy to deal with warranty anymore.
They take the battery and test it for 3 days before deciding whether they will cover it.
They do however give you a loaner battery. If your battery comes back good by their standards you owe full price for the loaner!

I was a huge X2 Power battery fan. I have had the in 3 vehicles with no issues.
Though the new reports since the buy out are not good.
I still have one X2 power battery going strong but it is 2 years old.
My Tundra needed a new battery and decided against the X2 and went back to NAPA Legend AGM.
Though the nonAGM Legends are good if you do not want AGM.

Thanks for that. I've not heard these negative reports on the Northstar AGM. I was planning on replacement in Dec which would be 3 years on the OEM battery, so out of warranty. I usually replace them at age rather than worrying about being stuck somewhere with a fail battery, although I do carry a Lithium Battery Booster Power Pack. With this mild summer we've had (heat kills batteries) I'm thinking it will be trustworthy a little longer.

Issues showing with failures in under a year on both the Tundra and Ford forums.
Both used to rave about the X2 Power until recently.
Hopefully they get it sorted out. They were once a solid battery.

I recently bought 2 Northstar group 27 Gold AGM's (marine) one showed 12.8 volts and immediately dropped to 6 volts when hit with a load, brand new. Had to re-install the 1 good battery of the 2 old ones, return it, then install the new one when it came in, what a royal pain in the ass. The replacements so far have been good and it's been about 7 months I think.
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My 2010 Prerunner's (4cyl, 5speed manual) OEM battery (Group 24) lasted 7 years, and here in AZ, no less. Our cars are garage parked, though, and that helps immensely.
I replaced it with an Odyssey AGM, their rough equivalent of a Group 24. It is a combination starting/deep cycle battery, with about 80 amp-hours of reserve. It is bit shorter, so they include a 1" plastic riser to go underneath in case your battery hold down is not adjustable. The alternator's voltage regulator adjusts voltage just fine for the AGM's needs. I have a voltmeter wired at the battery with a dash display. After a lengthy drive, the alternator voltage drops to around 13.5V, which is the correct float voltage for a fully charged battery. When first starting after sitting a spell, the voltage is in the 14.4V range.
I have used Odyssey batteries in other applications, some requiring deep cycle only, and have been very impressed with their quality of Made-in-USA build and longevity. They really shine in off-road and other applications where vibration is an issue.

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A former co-worker tried talking me out of getting an AGM battery. It was very pricey for my budget. Years prior, I had good experience with old style Interstate with a few lasting about 6 years. I consider it as an investment of how long a good one can last, I bit the bullet and got an Odessey AGM PC1500 34/78. So glad I asked multiple people and decided to get it.

That battery lasted over ten years and never needed a jump. I used it in two different cars. The only reason I stopped using it: it was too big for the cars I currently use. Either too tall with top posts or too long to fit in area available.

I have been using a Northstar AGM in my TJ for about three years. So far, no issues.

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