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Originally posted by sleepla8er:

Infante Ultrasonic is the manufacture for the units in these videos. On their website they state having 25 years of experience with Ultrasonic Gun Cleaners:

Infante Ultrasonic has a blog with additional videos for handguns, long guns, and basic info about using Ultrasonic Cleaners.


Thanks for posting this info. and the videos. I searched and researched ultrasonic cleaning and cleaners, but didn't come up with anything about Infante. Wish I had, though, as their system for draining and lubrication is the best I've seen. The Infante units look to be as well thought out as they are well-made.

I got one of the Hornady 9L units and learned a few negative things:

- the same unit is offered by another brand for less money. Can't remember the brand name but it is yellow instead of red.
- my AR upper will not fit in the tank unless I take off the flash hider.
- the smaller, wider section in the middle is oddly shaped so that it won't allow use of any usefully sized buffet pans, which precludes the ability to lube anything over 4" without having to drain the main tank of cleaning solution and fill it with lubricant. The user will spend more time draining and cleaning the ultrasonic cleaner than they will actually cleaning firearms.
- the construction of the unit appears to be the same as the other inexpensive (cheap?) Chinese ultrasonic cleaners - not made in USA, and questionable regarding its longevity.

I have seen and handled a made in USA unit by Ultrasonic Power Corporation and the quality of construction is light years ahead of the Hornady and other Chinese-made equipment. Yes, there is a corresponding increase in price for said units. The Infante units are also made in USA and look to be of similar high-quality construction as the UPC cleaners, but that's just a guess from looking at their website and various videos.

What really sets the Infante cleaners apart, to my mind, is their draining and lubricating process I mentioned above. In addition, their units come with everything needed to do the job - multiple baskets, solution, lube tray, etc. - whereas most other companies may come with just a basket (or maybe not) and you have to add the necessary items to the order or go find them elsewhere because baskets, trays, and solution aren't offered on the website from which you're buying the tank.

I haven't used the Hornady unit yet because of the frustrating aspects listed above but I'll figure some way to make it useful and when it dies I'll get an Infante ultrasonic cleaner.

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