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Right now, it sucks.

I'd love to really go into details but ultimately I cannot.

I know that makes this an impotent "bitch your bitch" but just needed to say something somewhere because I can't scream loudly at work.

Thank guys for just nodding and agreeing.

Yes, Para does appreciate humor.
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Right there with ya brother! I too feel your pain.

I'm very thankful for the excellent crew that I have. But they are tired, I'm tired and we need a break...and some help. Neither of which is likely to happen.
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Just keep rowing in the same direction - things will eventually improve. Take care of those few employees that are taking care of you and your business.

I actually restocked and did inventory last weekend for a good friend that owns a liquor store in MA. Same issue - no staffing. He didn't pay me in cash. Big Grin
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Every customer I have, 166 customers, all of them are understaffed and cannot find or keep any help.
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I hear you. Just reviewed an employee tonight that has been with us since May, they were honest enough to admit they’d be moving on next May. Christ. 1 year. After all that training (and it’s still not complete). At least she gave us a heads up.


"Trust, but verify."
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You don't need to say anything more than what you said.

We can certainly imagine and understand.

Last week, we had lunch in Applebee's. I was impressed with the food. I told the manager so. He was grateful that I appreciated it and he told me he only had one cook in the kitchen.

I had the waitress call the cook out to the table so I can thank him personally. I also passed him a $20 bill as a token of my appreciation.

The manager came back and said I made the cook's day.

But when I first wanted to talk to the manager, I called the waitress that I wanted to talk to the manager. When she got him, she said to him, "A customer wants to talk to you. I don't know what I did but I'm sorry." When she learned the reason, she told me she got scared. I made it up to her.

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Nodding and agreeing here.

Retired holster maker.
Retired police chief.
Formerly Sergeant, US Army Airborne Infantry, Pathfinders
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We just sold our business (pet store) but staffing has been our biggest challenge for the past year...bigger than supply chain issues, managing covid regulations, etc.

No one wants to work. We are in a college town and for almost a decade always had 20-30 applicants for each job post. This last month we had 6 and none wanted to work normal, part time retail hours.
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Started in March of this year for me.
I've gone through more people since then than I have in years. Some stayed a whole day, some until lunch, some for an hour and some never showed up.

I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not.
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I understand. America has a serious work ethic problem right now.

"It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it works out for them"

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I stopped for fish & chips at a local place today. Nobody home. Closed because no workers.

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I do three people’s work at my position. My promotion is almost 4 years overdue now. I’m starting to look around now because if I leave, for the right fit/position, it’ll be a 20k-50k bump depending. But it has to be that right fit. What’s funny if I leave the dumb mother fuckers will have to hire 3 people to do my job, which will cost them at least an extra 100k per year in salary to replace me. + healthcare, retirement contributions, etc. If I leave, due to their new PTO policy where you can only carry 40 whole hours from one year to the next, well I’m taking my PTO so notice day is the last day as the last 2 weeks will be PTO.

So businesses can’t get quality people. And quality people get treated like shit and underpaid at positions where they actually give a fuck and do stellar work. I’ll never understand mid level management. They don’t do shit, provide almost zero, and insist on running a company top down, where the top is the Piazza tower. The building is actually leaning over from the twits at the top.

Now you report to this line, Cookie!
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Guy I worked with at my last job finally got a spot on day shift but they won’t let him switch until they have someone to fill his open position. That was 6 weeks ago. He’s mad as hell.
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