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Rushing through chores last weekend (Monday the 5th) and tweaked my back. Tried to stretch it and relax the knot, but only got worse.
Called my PCP and set up an appointment for a possible trigger point injection on Friday the 9th.

Had to work the next few days (180 mile drive one way, sitting computer upgrade, 180 mile drive home with a hotel stay overnight). The return drive had me in tears, and my wife drive me to the ER as soon as I got back. It felt like someone hit my funny bone, but the sharp pain was a constant, no moving or holding or anything would get it to stop.

He (ER doc) assessed the knot, agreed that it was pinching the nerve, but he didn't do trigger point injecting. Said to keep my appointment, but gave me a muscle relaxant and pain med.

The combo knocked me out, had to call off work. Go to my appointment on the 9th, the knot has moved from the valley of the shoulder blade and spine up into my trapezius. I'm in agony, but the trigger point injection didn't work due to the size of the irritation.

She (my PCP) changes some of the meds, and requests x-rays. The images are negative for bone misalignment, and now I continue the meds to get the muscle to relax enough to either do PT or a second Trigger Point if needed.

In the meantime I'm out of work (I have PTO, not a worry there), but I'm tired of sitting/laying the the 2 positions that don't make me want to cut my arm off.

It just sucks that where I can take most injuries without issues, but a pinched nerve cuts me down like this.

Getting older sucks, thanks for letting me vent.

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I have peripheral neuropathy.
Three spinal epidurals later, I still have some pain.

I am with you.
Now, I just fight the pain and continue on, with wincing.

Getting old really does suck...

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I have had injections and take Gabapentin.
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I agree. Getting old sucks. Wake up one day and here's Labyrinthitis
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Originally posted by oldbill123:
I agree. Getting old sucks. Wake up one day and here's Labyrinthitis

I've had Labyrinthitis twice and it is debilitating for sure, but it's not age related.
The last time it hit me was while riding on the motorcycle and an hour away from home. Damn near killed me, literally. Eek



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I too suffer from peripheral neuropathy and take Pregabalin. I am tolerating things currently, but as this set in last year quite rapidly, the pain was indescribable. I am sorry you’re going through this and I understand what you mean about nerve pain cutting you down.

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Had that pain. Arthritis around C5-7 irritated the nerve. Took forever to mostly heal - months. Tramadol seemed to ease it for a couple hours a little but nothing significantly reduced it and they are stingy with those meds. Sleep was impossible for me. I still get the occasional mild sensations, sometimes even on the other side.

Sitting with a large old fashioned ice pack on the shoulder and trapezius for an hour helped some. Occasionally a heat pad after.

Nerve pain is definitely weird. Lit up my whole right arm at the worst.
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Since I have an ulcer, I can't take any pain medicine.

Whenever I get a knot in my back or shoulder, there's a Vietnamese lady here that will smash that knot right out with her elbow. The pain will be so bad, I am in tears and drooling.

When she is done, the knot will be gone and I feel like a new person.


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