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Wait until the chewing starts. There's 2 full years of dealing with that ahead. Good news is that once he's past the terrible two's he'll be a great dog.

I've stopped counting.
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Sweet pup. Hide all the furniture you love..same with shoes. They are worth it though.

"Someday I hope to be half the man my bird-dog thinks I am."

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Originally posted by Prefontaine:

When the wife needs a break, in the crate, with a toy…

When we got our Aussie 15 years ago, this was the hardest part. Aussie developed a territorial attachment to the grate and got upset when I tried to put the wife in it for her time outs Wink

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She'll come around.
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When we got our first dog as a married couple, my wife did NOT want him (there was some serious lack of communication going on there). She told me it was 'my' dog and I was to care for it. No prob. After about a month, she came around, and she ended up far more protective of him than even I was. I can't guarantee your wife will feel the same way, but it is definitely possible.

You probably already know this, but Labs were bread to hunt in the field for 12 hrs a day, so he will require a lot of exercise.

Also, you named him after the god of mischief, so good luck with that. . . Wink

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Training the trainer. That’s what it’s called. It’s never the dog’s fault, it’s the damn handler.

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